Using the Eddie Van Halen Scale Part 2 – MONSTER Licks with Tabs


  1. PinkPonyOfPrey

    almost half an hour for this??? you need to edit yourself. too much repetition and talking. it's not that hard concept to grasp after all, right. when you know the fingering on one string you know them all.

  2. Michael Skewes

    My pinky does not like this! I do those licks with my first second and third fingers! I have big hands !

  3. Rock God

    The ice cream man lick is NOT played like this. It is a picking lick performed on TWO strings involving the frets 12,16,19 on the e and 19 on the b. Playing it all hammered on one string might be easier but boy this sounds so weak compared to how you're suppose to play it. If you're trying to learn this just do yourself a favour and watch Doug Steele's video on it.

  4. Phillip Linford

    Do you have a video where you detail your gear. Your tones are really nice. Just found your channel and have a lot of time to spend digesting everything. Thanks!

  5. hazor777

    Hey Bro – QUESTION : any way you could do a lesson based on solo of Thin Lizzy's Cold Sweat? After the ascension of the hammer on sequence , the pentatonic descension from the 21st fret : the technique for the timing is a bitch ! Any chance you might be interested in tackling that ? As always : AWESOME LESSONS !! THANKS!!!!

  6. hazor777

    This lesson is invaluable. For one, 'Ice Cream Man' s solo is arguably one of Eddie Van Halen's most difficult solo ever put down on tape. Search Youtube for early era Van Halen live footage of Eddie playing it – it's amazing he pulled it off live. A true testament of his skill as a player. This lesson will save people hours & hours of trial & error.

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