The Hungarian Gipsy scale – guitar


  1. Randall Schoverling

    I've memorized this scale (as well as the byzantine scale), but I never understood if it's just a "mode" of a larger scale?

  2. parabot2

    Gipsy are from India , they are noting to do with Europe other than they landed and wandered around causing trouble

  3. Christopher Nowak

    I wrote a song called HUNGARIAN GYPSY BLUES.
    Check out my LinkedIn profile (Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS).

  4. ElliottGrooveMachine

    Wow. . . You just opened up a whole new world for me! Thank you very much, these scales are so different from anything I've played!

  5. Bert vanderMoer

    @vmars316: yep, the scale and some more text is on guitarsrecycled (cant include the full site name but this is probably sufficient, the page is 'chords and riffs'

  6. vmars vernon

    Hey Bert , I love that gypsy scale .
    But your , left hand , knuckles are in the way ,
    so I can't see what frets are actually being played .
    Here is the ideal angle to shoot guitar videos .
    youtube watch?v=Ve4SWACj3U8
    It really slows down the learning process .
    Do you have a website where we can see the scale/fretboard diagrams ?

  7. Twiggyay

    Brilliant! My band has been sticking to phryggian mainly, but this one's similar but gives a more sinister feel. thanks!

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