At Last, Etta James, solo guitar, Jake Reichbart, Lesson Available



    What Alex Fingerstyle was really trying to say was your "HARD WORK THROUGH OUT THE YEARS BLESSED YOU"……………:)

  2. dan

    Superb!!!! Thanks for sharing Jake!!! πŸ‘

  3. John V.B.

    Hello, Sir! Is there anyplace where you talk about your pickup system on this guitar? I see in some photos you have dual output jacks and wonder what kind of acoustic pickup you are using. Thank you!

  4. Ricjames954

    I just sync'd your version with Etta James on Spotify….Jake your could have backed her up in a heartbeat with your playing …..fiit right in with the orchestra playing in the background. What a great arrangement! Best! R

  5. Macky Martin

    So much free content from this channel. Thanks so much for this Jake. I learn a lot from watching your videos. πŸ™‚

  6. Ricjames954

    Beautifully arranged Jake……even if it was in "F"…..LOL. F was the key the singer wanted it played in to match her singing voice. Us guitar players always want it in a key to make the song as easy as possible to play and miss a lot of the harder fingerings/ keys….. and great sounding music. That's got to b at least one of the reasons why capos were invented. How many other great songs r in alternate tunings…..or just the simple drop "D". How many guitars players have ever used any of these other tunings/techniques? It takes a lot of work (time and effort). Tks for pointing this out for us less accomplished players. Gives us a better appreciation for where we have to go to get better. Best Jake! R.

  7. Eclectic Interests

    I would so enjoy singing with a great guitarist like you! 🎼🎡🎡🎡🎢🎢🎢🎡🎸

  8. Rich Heard

    One of my favorite songs ever from that golden era which produced such incredible music. Well done!

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