Gaucho, Steely Dan, fingerstyle guitar, lesson available


  1. jalguitarman

    You are a truly amazing guitarist. I may have to try to learn this at some point.

  2. Richard Barnesco

    Of all the countless crappy 'how to' videos I've seen of various bands – this is absolutely awesome! And not a simple song to begin with. Excellent job !

  3. tezzo55

    🙂 Wow! i too am blown away. Beautiful playing. And bet everyone here is a museo, so you have a discerning audience sir. Many thanks.

  4. Jon Mulrine

    Best thing I've heard in ages! Incredible playing and a fantastic arrangement.

  5. Dan Dinsmore

    Outstanding instrumental performance of one of my favorite songs!  Would love to hear you take a stab at Third World Man from the same album.

  6. Dhanil Ali

    Oh, to work with a guitarist with your amazing capability! Excellent . . . .

  7. FreddieEdwardsUK

    Great playing Jake! Amazing feel.. I can't find the tutorial you mentioned for this one, could you send me the link? Thanks – Freddie

  8. Marcelo Lima

    Man: this version just blew me away. So awesome.
    I love this song so much… and you did such a beautiful thing with it.

  9. John W.

    Using your video to duet on keys – such a fun song, thanks!

  10. Todd Haylock

    Bravo! Amazing effort Jake! Thanks for sharing your talent blessings with us mere mortals,lol.But seriously , such a beautiful rendition of not only instrumental notation, butwith all 'vocal nuances" incorporated as well–so to speak! Keep up the great work bro!

  11. Jake Reichbart

    Guitarists: Perhaps some of you remember this arrangement I posted approx two years ago of the song "Gaucho" by Steely Dan. Since that time I have received countless requests to produce a video lesson for it. So here it finally is, a TWO HOUR widescreen lesson (available either by DVD or download)! If I was to show only the notes I play, the lesson would probably only take 15-20 minutes…So why do my lessons have such a long running time? Because through specific song arrangements I teach solo guitar arranging in general. While I go over every note of the arrangement, I also branch out to many side topics that make any arrangement come alive – right hand, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, improvisation, etc. Email me at or visit for a complete lesson list and other details.

  12. Tom Watts

    really really nice – gotta imagine that took a while – just bought the recorded versions sheet music that and watching this for the next six months , should hopefully help me on one of my fav tunes – peace and keep up the great work

  13. Steve Bishop

    I am big Steely Dan fan and have been for 30 years… I was looking on YouTube to listen to Gaucho while eating my dinner… thought I would give you a try… well worth the time, really enjoyed it – great feel. I am so glad to see talented players are still out there mastering their craft.

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