Majhe majhe tobo dekha pai guitar lesson| Rabindrasangeet lesson in Bengali ||


  1. Nilesh Das

    Sir Amar obosthao apnar Moto… But ,apnar help ar jonnoy thanks a lot.

  2. Joy Mallick

    Amar guitar er equalizer ta on hoche na.. I changed the battery twice bt the result is the same

  3. rahul hossain

    sir, I'm a great fan of u, d way u teach is really helpful to catch-up easily..I went through this lesson but can't find d cords for d lines…".khonik aloke akhir poloke…." same things repeat through out d sond….m I use C and G/Am7 alternatively?? plz hlp

  4. Redwan

    Vaia plz nachiketa er nilanjona gantar guitar lesson ta diben plz

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