The Rockaway Relic Guitar Company was founded in the aftermath of the biggest hurricane to ever hit New York City.  Hurricane Sandy struck NYC on Oct 29, 2012. Massive fires and floods struck southern queens. The famous Rockaway Beach Boardwalk which had been standing for decades, was totally destroyed the night of the storm.

The boardwalk wood was scattered on the street everywhere. The wood was used for different woodworking projects. Eventually inspiration struck, and the boardwalk wood was used to make a few rustic cigar box guitars. Cigar box guitars eventually evolved into full size electric guitars. Those electric guitars you see have been hand crafted with inspiration in a direct line from floods, fires and ashes directly to your hands.

Our goal is to make quality guitars that are unique, ultra cool looking, and infused with the spirit of old school Rock n Roll. Our guitars draw attention, turn heads when on stage and people always ask about them. They continue to be made today with passion in hopes of spreading the love of music by the Rockaway Relic Guitar Company.

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