4 String Blues Tricks pt. 1 – How to Play Cigar Box Guitar by Shane Speal


  1. 1430sl

    Very thanks for your videos. One question, Type of string, acoustic or electric? What is the best option and why?

  2. Eg0r43

    Wow, thank you! I just pull of the first and the sixsth string from my guitar, and tuned her on G-D-G-B, sounds awesome. I think i gonna buy the Cigar Box =)

  3. elpayin1

    shane  I noticed that you call the lowest string "the last string".
    I understood that in all stringed instruments the "FIRST STRING" is always the LOWEST or the string closest to the palm of your hand. please correct me if I`m wrong. good video.

  4. Mary Knight

    Thanks for all the cool videos you have put up. Do you know where I can find a chart on chords for a 4 string guitar. Trying to learn chords on a 4 string cbg tuned to open G. Thanks bud!

  5. Mark F

    Thank you for this, I play tenor guitar tuned GDAE.  Was real easy to go to GDGB and try this out.  First thing I learned in the new year:-)

  6. Piht Bull

    hey Shane could you do a 4 string lesson on a grungy sound ? i built a 4 stringer but it just sounds too pretty . Im getting fed up and about to rip the 4 string off .

  7. ImTheDaveman

    I have been agonizing over whether to build a 4 string Bariton-ish Ukelele Cigar Box or straight up guitar – your demo here has me leaning more toward the guitar. I am assuming the open G tuning and chording would be the same on either one?
    AWESOME Tutorial – thanks for helping people out – its much appreciated on various levels Im sure.

  8. rhythmchild81

    thank you for this, and your contribution to "Cigar Box Guitars" by David Sutton. I recently finished my fifth build, a 4 string, 26 inch scale, resonator plectrum banjo made from my dogs dish from when he was a pup. Yet tonight, i was asked to jam with some old friends and could only reply "i'm a drummer, i just build these things." then i recognized your name and read the article in the aforementioned book. it was precisely what i needed to hear. i will destroy the rules. thank you again.

  9. The2dawgs826

    Great tips, finishing my first cbg, 4-string "tele" style. We'll keep in touch.

  10. bemuzic

    great, made me pick up one of my four stringers which get a bit neglected : -)

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