A-ha – Take On Me (Alexandr Misko) (Fingerstyle Guitar)


  1. Alexandr Misko

    Hey guys, I've returned from my Germany tour and finally here is the new cover for you!
    This song is a tough one to play, but i tried my best!
    The guitar is my brand-new handcrafted Baton Rouge Alexandr Misko Signature Model. I hope you like it!
    Please support me with your LIKES and comments, show this video to your friends if you like it. I really appreciate your help!
    I've released my second album "Beyond The Box" recently, it's available in every digital store! Thank you!
    GooglePlay(US, RU):

  2. Misha Grishenko

    Круто , но иногда из – за перкуссии и других примочек теряется мелодия

  3. Rory Scholl

    I am just I mean,,Im a huge fan,,,amazing,,come do a show with us in NYC!

  4. ghostrid3

    To much open twang in chords, doesn't sound clean, 2 mins in and still couldn't recognize the song, thumping has to go

  5. AlexKing666

    Was scratching the wood with your nail at the end necessary? It was great until it ended with a nightmare.

  6. boycy69

    Wow man, just wow. Incredible adaptation and playing to match!

  7. Timothy Le

    It's so GOOD!!! 🙂 Tunning while playing. Wow!!!. I don't know how you don't get lots of subs but you are the best when it comes to fingerstyle. Nobody can top your skills and I cant also.

  8. dan iel

    It looks like he never had a guitar instructor and he learned by himself without knowing anything about guitars. I mean, he tuned the strings mid-song. This was beyond our times.

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