A Simple Trick to Memorize The Major Scale | Steve Stine | Guitar Zoom


  1. Anthony Ward

    Fantastic…love your way of teaching lessons..Thank you so much..tw..australia.

  2. Bill Johnston

    Hello Steve, Question: When you teach that the shape of the scale is the same for any key on the fret-board, to me that assumes that you pick a key starting from the root note on the 6th string. But what confuses me is the shape of the scale is not the same if you start on a root note from a different string other than the 6th string. Am I correct in what I am saying and how do I solve this problem? Thank you. Bill johnston

  3. Eddy Forero

    Great explanation , subscribed !!! thanks, side note: I think it's: Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si (not Ti) Do

  4. J harrisMSU

    For the first time in my life, I understand why an A# and a Bb are the same thing, and it depends what key you are in. Wow. I never understood the comment "it depends what key you are in." I fricking get it!

  5. GiftOfGod03

    Does this work the same 3-4 and 7-8(1) if you start with a sharp note say C#, so C# D# E# F# G# A# B# C#?I know that E# is F and B# is C but in theory it has to be written like this so we only have one of each letter? Another little question can you start a scale with a flat(b)?

  6. Sheila Ward

    Thanks, Steve!
    You make learning the guitar fun. A friend is teaching me how to play a 5-string Bass… with 5th string tuned to B. Your way of teaching the fretboard has de-mystified the whole learning prosses for me. Now I'm able to connect the dots and see that it's the same string as on the guitar – just a different octave and the notes on the B string are all the same no matter if it's the 5th string on a Bass or the 2nd string on a guitar. And about connecting those dots–I turned 53yrs old in June '17, and have struggled with learning and understand music theory for about half of my life, just to give up on pursuing any type of instrument. But I must say that this is no longer the case… I just needed someone like you to really open my mind's eye to it. So thanks for offering such a valuable resource.

  7. Nashun Nasa

    Okay… I get it now. Ten years over due stuck in shapes not knowing what I was playing

  8. Lian Underwood

    Great! You're simply great! There's only a little thing to say…it's Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si(pronounce like "C")-Do. I teach as well and I like to find some new and simply way to explain a concept. I think you are a very good teacher! 🙂

  9. Markos Meras

    I have been looking a long time for someone to explain the guitar,,thank you so much,,you rock

  10. Brando

    Really love your videos! I've played guitar for a while, but I want the deeper understanding. You teach very well!

  11. sebastian brom

    " Doing it in C so it is easier to See" Omg rofl best undercover word hihi ever

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