A Way To Survive Kickoff Tutorial | Pedal Steel Guitar Lesson


  1. patrick huey

    Outstanding lessons! Could you devote one in the future to correct use of the volume pedal? Thanks again!

  2. JohnDavis45

    Hi, I have been picking this thing for about 40 years! Have no theory, even had the cheek to post some help videos my self… but what you have put down just blows me away and your delivery is first class! thank you so much for the help and the way you give it.

  3. sledge1960

    As a newbie to Pedal Steel I find your tutorials among the most helpful on YT. More please.

  4. tvbobbyd

    what are you using for equipment to get the sustain or is it the fact you are on a double neck?

  5. Gary Guzzardo

    Great  instructional video  please  keep them  coming .  So  helpful . I'm  3 years now since I  started   teaching  myself pedal  steel  and  have an intense  musical Background. I'm  the former  drummer for   the   Marshall Tucker  Band .  Unable  to  drum  any longer because  of  shoulder pain , I  picked the  steel up  really  quick  however  I tend  to  fall  into  slumps now  an  them and   get  stumped  for  a  spell. these videos  really   help . You an  outstanding  player . Regards   Gary  Guzzardo

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