Arpeggios, Chord Scales, Jazz – Ask Wallimann #17


  1. vincej151

    Hi David, thank you for addressing my question. You touched on my question, but not quite. Perhaps I did not explain myself properly. One of my favourite singer / songwriters is James Taylor, but there are many others of similar type, also in rock music. They will play a barr of single string melody, then add in a chord or two, then some more melody notes. Alternatively, they might play a chord and simultaneously being playing melody notes over the chord. I refer to this a "chord melody". For example: check out Mark Knopfler, "Romeo and Juliet". Jazz guitarists are masters at it. Now, ok, you can play an arpeggio fine, but that's not the same as carrying a melody over a chord simultaneously.

    Playing single lines over backing tracks gets boring. I would love to be able to do this effectively. So, are there any tips, rules advice how to select which chords to play over which notes? For example, if I am in key of C playing a C chord, and my melody line lands on a G note I could play a G chord or a substitution of G. But that is a bit obvious, are there any other approaches to creating selecting chords and melody which work together to create interesting "chord melody". Thanks Cheers Vince. Ps: you don't have to answer in the video, in the comments works ok too. I have hogged enough video time :o)

  2. foxesdad

    Question for next episode. How do you pick a pivot chord to do a key change. Also would you call it a key change or a mode change.

  3. Jacob Carls

    great video! I guess those people who are into the competition thing sometimes just like to project their shit onto a more talented player 😉

  4. Jay Himes

    David….Thanks so much for the videos. I get a lot out of your way of explaining things and taking the time to try to make sure you are clear in what your want to get across. Anyway….thanks. Love the all the information and shared knowledge.

  5. Jens Larsen

    Hahaha! I got that exact same question on what a guitar player thinks! Really Copy/Paste 😀

  6. Will Bryant

    Another great video David! Can honestly say my improvisation has improved massively since I started watching your videos. What I'm struggling with though is writing. You seem to be pretty damn good at writing considering how awesome Evolving Seeds of Glory is! How do you write more interesting chord progressions and then write more interesting solos over them?

  7. Mark Heyne

    I guessed you had a French background from the single L1 influence 'subtilities' for subtleties..but as an English teacher I congratulate you on your very natural accent and fluency!

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