Az Samad – The Way You say Our Names (Live at Mission City Coffee Roasting Co, Santa Clara, CA)


  1. AlternatingTuning

    I like this composition man, and of course, the guitar, this multi-scale geometry should really be standardized. I notice you play a lot of chords I play in standard tuning too, you made it sound like it was me hahah.

  2. Az Samad

    @mutley2209 Yeah, I would definitely get a standard one first. If I did get another steel-string guitar it would very likely be a fan fret guitar.

  3. Az Samad

    @mutley2209 Actually, fanned fret guitars have normal tuning as whatever they're based on, it just readjusts the string length for each of the string and the bridge is adjusted for that.

    The one I'm using in the video is for standard EADGBE tuning and if you get a Baritone one it will be the standard just a perfect fourth lower.

  4. Az Samad

    @mutley2209 Yes it does. This was actually the first time I played a fanned fret acoustic and it was really comfortable to play. This song is in standard tuning so yes, it sounds and plays great in Standard EADGBE,

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