Bass Guitar Bridge Construction


  1. burningkarma

    I've tried high mass after high mass and I keep finding myself reverting to the Fender Vintage Threaded Rod bridge. Simple and effective.

  2. Catfishstudios

    My J-Bass has a "badass bass II" bridge, any thoughts on them, never had one before.

  3. S Hogan

    Dave, make your own webpage and create a small forum.  Cost next to nothing.  


    G&l bass bridges are no joke. So sturdy and efficient. Comfortable too if you play by the bridge because everything is rounded, and it's a looker too. Tone for days.

  5. Benjamín Enrique

    what about badass and babicz bass bridges? witch one you think is better?
    (I have the same that you showed first)

  6. Andrew Jackson

    I have 2 Warwicks that are both from 1990, a Fortress and a Buzzard, and neither has any problems. That being said a lot of people on the Warwick forum have posted photos of issues they've had. THAT bieng said tryong doing that on the Music Man forum and Big Daddy, or Poppa, or whatever the hell he goes by would boot your ass off so fast your head would spin.

  7. Andrew Jackson

    Good comeback Bro. I do like the Warwick bridge but aint convinced it makes a bit if difference to the sound.

  8. windspiritphoto

    The last " solid cast " gotoh bass bridge I bought looks solid at the end from the top, but is actually hollow underneath. It hardly has any more mass than the cheapo stamped bridges. Big rippoff, buyer beware !!!

  9. Tim Shea

    Hey Davey , I've been rockin a 1982 G&L L 2000 E since 82 . I've never found anything that plays or sounds like it . I don't know if they changed the bridge that much but I have sustain forever !

  10. Steve Rolfe

    Check out the bridge on the Dingwall ABZ… Locked down and solid, really interesting way of transferring string vibration into the body. Quick release, as well.

  11. imbottomend

    Totally agree, my g&l 1500 bad boy is solid. I upgraded my 3 other fenders with babicz makes a world of difference.

  12. Chris Wolf

    Love my Spector Basses…….. However, I have the older style without the intonation screws, which make it a nightmare. As far as mass and sustain, they are awesome. By the way, Best Bass Gear posted this video on their email blast. Cheers from America, and can't wait to get my Davey Sticker.

  13. jorgesxbass1

    I agree with you! but on this bass G & L I wonder how it would look with pickup Fender Custom shop 60 ..
    because this bass and Ash and has a good price, you would have something to comment on this experience

  14. Robert

    You wanted that expensive store bought bass.
    Why cant we just send you some shit so you can make one with all those saws you have???

  15. Craig Orrell

    Good old Leo Fender. Never a man to rest on his laurels and continually improved on his original designs.


    I never got the whole "a boot" thing. I'm from the east coast of Canada where the accents are very strong, and I clearly say "a boat".

  17. Mandolin1944

    Is it possible to send money PP without having an address on it? I did not think so –sure it isn't somewhere on the "you got money" emaily thingy?

  18. Dave's World of Fun Stuff

    too many sharp edges and the set screws on the saddles tend to be too long and stick way out for added spots to scrape yer hand

  19. Wes Jett

    I like the warwick bridge too, but i've found that the crazy exotic woods they use change shape a lot over time. my older Corvette had shrank so much, I couldn't get the saddles cranked back far enough to get it intonated and i ended up having to modify the bridge 🙁 (redneck rigged) them basses sound great though.

  20. Andrew Jackson

    The Warwick 2 piece bridge aint no slouch dude. Routed in, fully adjustable, a whole lot prettier than that tank sitting on your bass.

  21. Christian Opalinski

    What wattage soldering iron do you need to remove and add pickup covers? I use a 30 watt for wiring things, but it doesn't seem hot enough to get covers off of pickups.

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