Berklee Online Guitar Clinic: Blues Guitar with Michael Williams


  1. Robert Storment

    Thanks for your video.  Please check out my original songs, Evergreen (We Remain) and He Wasn't Just A Dog.  Thanks for listening and thanks for your video.

  2. Koen Roels

    One question I started playing with my metronome to get my timing right but I struggle to get the same temp on my metronome. Can somebody help me? Thanks!!!

  3. gunnerman21

    This video was a bullet train of nonstop, unbelievably useful information. Thanks a ton!

  4. Don Deering

    Thanks to all involved, really nice exposition, some vital stough! Much appreciated!

    Shoughghle in E at 3:47; he begins discussing the uptown/downtown shoughghles around 7:30; thank you again!

  5. Codie Hjorth

    it took me until a couple hours after watching this while i was jamming while listening to some of my favorite blues players, to realize how important the concept of playing on the backbeats is. just using that to think of what notes to emphasize made a noticeable difference in my sound. great video!

  6. Rich Caro

    Just a thought I had. I would love to watch Mike teach a how to section on setting up the guitar and amp settings to get the tones he has. He gets the best traditional blues tones. What amps with what settings, bass, treble, mid's etc. 

  7. Rich Caro

    Mike is a great guitar player as wel as instructor. I sure wish he was on the west coast. My playing has improved big time do to his videos. Thanks Mike for helping a lot of us out here in guitar world. Great teacher!

  8. Vic Val

    I am with Berklee Online at the moment and love it, "Advance Blues Guitar" will be a new course coming up in Spring 2015, I am so ready to take that course as well with Mr. Williams, a great teacher tons of experience and knowledge, thank you for be teaching this course at Berklee!

  9. Jonathan Gormal

    I like how he's genuinely improvising, too many guys doing these online lessons have solos written out which just sets up a totally unachievable standard.


  10. Serban Ghita

    My friends, this lesson is GOLD! Thank you Berklee Music! I wish someday I could attend to one of your classes or teacher's guitar clinics!

  11. MdubMachine

    Man if I went there I would have had an instructor I shared a name with. And a lot of debt. Not bitter, that much 😀

  12. Mike J

    Amazing Q & A, I have been playing about 27 years and learned more than I thought I would lol. Fantastic stuff ")

  13. pilotSSW

    I'm a former student of Mike and he had a profound effect on my playing! Definitely a  real hero of mine! 

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