Bluegrass Guitar with Bryan Sutton – The G Run (breakdown and history)


  1. Matthias

    The best Guitar Youtube teacher's speaking english… and i am from Germany… and my english is fucking shit ūüôĀ … !!!!

    But thanks for this Vid !

  2. Amanda S

    why does everybody who attempts to explain a "G" run STOP immediately after they play it without continuing on into the next measure or two? i mean, u show us how to play it… but not how to use it? i realize u "told" us how to use it… but one picture is worth 1000 words… y not SHOW us?

  3. QuibusLicet

    It's a turnaround, as identifiable as the standard blues turnaround – just as boring sometimes – but a turnaround nonetheless.

  4. Karen Laferney

    Everybody in too much of a hurry. Listen up and maybe, just maybe you'll learn some context and history to put into your playing. That way when you Do play something Worth listening to it will mean something down the road. By the way, 10,000 hrs can't be rushed. It takes time. Why not enjoy the time and learn on the journey?! Thanks Bryan for the freebie.

  5. Kalle Blom

    Do I see a G7th Heritage Capo there? Do you have a prototype? I think it's not yet released …. thanks!

  6. john davies

    Great lesson. Just starting to get the hang of Bluegrass style guitar and this was a helpful addition. A split screen with second camera on the left hand would have made this easier to pick up but that's a small niggle. As for those folks grumbling about the lesson, it seems to be the curse of the YouTube generation that if you can't learn it in under three minutes then why bother. We should be grateful for talented musicians like Bryan who take time to pass on these lessons and the musical history that goes with it.

  7. dufus

    thanks bryan. a little slower with more detail for those of us from the south. lol

  8. George Ovitt

    Great lesson, thanks. I find it hard to believe that so many people complain about spending eight minutes not only learning a little something they might not have known, but also learning a little music history. If you already knew all this, then skip the lesson, there's plenty to choose from. I mean, it's free! And if Bryan just played the lick and said not a word people would moan about that. Not having the money for lessons, I just appreciate all the great people who put up free stuff; just take away what you can from each teacher and you can get better!

  9. ipmala

    Nice looking Martin D-28…..but the double pickguard ruins the guitar…and probably¬† smothers some of the BOTTOM END sound.¬† Definitely….not a guitar I would pick.My guess is that someone some time ago added the extra pickguard.¬† Totally crazy.I do not understand why someone would RUIN a perfectly good Martin like that.

  10. Rich

    Kick Ass Sounding Martin. What Year and Model?

  11. wildwood valleyboy

    …you might add, that the reason Lester only played the last two notes of the conventional "G lick", is because he never used his first finger, it stayed floating in limbo ! I think that two musicians who DID make the G lick correctly, and better than anyone else are,- Jimmy Martin and Red Allen,…-THEY are the ones who I would try to emulate. -not Flatt !

  12. Tom Durkin

    Great vid. never though of adding those blue notes like Del. Great tip to spice things up

  13. wildwood valleyboy

    …keep in mind that Lester's G-run was somewhat lacking, because of the fact that he used a thumb pick !,…and it can't be done properly with a thumb pick !¬† Carter Stanley never had a good G-run because of that fact.¬†¬† So, lets name someone else:¬† I like to refer to Jimmy Martin and,¬† more especially, – Red Allen, as epitomizing¬† the G-run.¬† It seems that both of them "dwelled" on the A string¬† "hammer-on" note before going to the next notes!

  14. Loren Whitaker

    GUYS!  This isn't "how to play a G-run."  Rather, it's Bryan Sutton, who would know, giving us a mini-"lecture" about the G-run, how it evolved, how it fits in bluegrass rhythm, what its function is, and so on.  I'd imagine that Sutton assumes we already know how to play a G-run.  Listen to the guy Рit's about the G-run.  This is a music lesson; not a guitar technique lesson.  He's talking so much because that's what he intended to do Рto talk about the G-run. To tell us about it.  (Thanks, Bryan!)

  15. Fry Mc

    too much talking. little less coversion a little more actions please;-)
    his lesson is completely confusing to me.
    talking, playing,talking, playing, talking, talking..playing
    what the heck?

  16. David James

    I can't believe how many people complain about him actually teaching about the run and application. People just don't have patience. This is a fundamental bluegrass technique, and deserves the attention. He shows many ways of applying it. He is a master offering these tips for free. We should all be grateful. There was a time, not long ago, when you had to figure this stuff out by ear.

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