Bob Marley Guitar Lesson – Reggae – Stir it Up – How to Play on Guitar


  1. xGr4nTEX

    marty congratulation my name is cosme valente i from acapulco mexico you are excelent teacher sorry for my bad englihs regards

  2. drsous70

    Awesome. Probably the first song I can play well. Love the Bob.

  3. Connor Wrynn

    How the hell do you set the amp to make it sound like this? I cant even come close

  4. piemant1

    Marty when I come to California I wanna jam with you on this song. You play the bass line I'll do the rhythm or we can switch. Your Gibson has such a sweet satisfying sound

  5. jairomague

    that aint the solo i was looking for, the rest is good, but the solo, nah

  6. How To Play Reggae

    It is the right hand that's the most important here! Get that right and you will be in groove. Nice lesson still.

  7. robert lafferty

    Thanks Marty. I've been playing guitar for some time as a hobby, and wanted to learn how to play some Reggae. Your lessons are awesome, and scratchin' is a different beast for sure!

  8. popoaggie

    What's with the un-clipped guitar string sticking out? A small child or dog walking by could get an eye poked out! Guitar safety starts at home.

  9. Savana Green

    Does he have the bass turned up high or low?? anybody have and idea?????

  10. YungUzumaki 95

    look marty. you are a very good gituar player but can you do some tutorials for beginners im pretty new. thank you

  11. Dakota Jirsa

    Marty, During the solo you played how did you get that funky sound out of your guitar??????

  12. Lilo Perez

    what if its an electric acoustic guitar and thanks marty your the best this is the best tutorial i found for this song thanks buddy

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