Castlevania – Vampire Killer (NES) Acoustic Guitar


  1. shagnastyfo20

    Would love to see a follow up. You have it most accurate. Give us the album version.

  2. kirbyfan107

    I LOVE this game! You sir, made an amazing cover! This actually gave me goosebumps!

  3. JazGalaxy

    The craziest stuff about guys like you who play this stuff is that I'm sure it was never really INTENDED to be played. It was just synthetically arranged. Your fretting is great. Way to go.

  4. Hakman164

    I first listened to this years ago. It became a large part of my library for a long time, and I still listen to it nowadays. I edited to loop for hours and listened to that, because I just enjoyed it that much. Keep it up man.

  5. JohnsonCarl12

    I played this for my music course exam! absolutely fantastic playing (i can't play this nearly as as fast as you lol)

  6. TheGreatWhite20XX

    This song is awesomeness. Almost forgot about it, brings back memories of some good times. Nice playing!

  7. Oroz5

    lol! strings were worn out when it was recorded..i was satisfied with it anyway.. was wondering when someone would mention that. it is standard tuning. tab is linked on video page… thanks for your comment.

  8. Jaguaari

    Excellent playing and magnificent track!!! …but I guess your guitar wasn't quite in tune..? Do you use standard E-tune? Is there tabulatures for this?

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