Clean fret slots without wrecking the binding!


  1. johnnypk1963

    Start cleaning the slots w a stiff brush like a toothbrush, finish w a good vacuuming of the slots. U can get the vast majority w those 2 thing. Clamping the sides of slot is a great idea w binding though

  2. Steve Austin

    Hey – James knows what he's doing. He re-fretted two Gibson acoustics for me and did a great job on both.

  3. niptodstan

    Just do what Gibson do. Just hammer the new frets in and call it reliced. You can charge twice as much too.

  4. gary swift

    Great idea, James! I've used the hook and saw before, but it didn't occur to me to temporarily clamp the binding to keep it from cracking or from popping loose.

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