Come Alive (Dry Bones) Lauren Daigle Guitar Tutorial with Play Along


  1. Tavia Tan Yen Bing

    Hey Katie, could you do a tutorial on how to play Theres nothing holding me back by Shawn Mendes on the ukulele? Thanks!

  2. Romain Brissy

    Hi Katie ! Sorry for my English, I'm Belgian. I wanted to told you that your tutorials were really easy to understand and very helpful for me. Thank you very much for that !! If you don't mind i'd like to ask you two questions : – How do you scrape your Ukulele ? Which fingers do you use ? ( This question may seem strange but I can't make it with my fingers and I have to use a ukulele pick)
    – When I like a song and I don't find a tutorial, how can I make it by myself ? Thank you in advance for your answers

  3. okay Roblox roleplayz YT

    OMG!Like I can see you at 2Msubs! keep up the good work If you act you subs will come:) I don't have a uke or a Guitar I'm planning to get one just seeing songs to begin with btw if you can can you do clay or beautiful thing they are both by Grace Vanderwaal.

  4. Mausam Lama

    As always ure tutorials vids are great thanks for ure.. Strugle… Tysm …????????

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