Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee (BASS COVER +TAB IN VIDEO)


  1. Vicente Saenz

    I have learned alot from u. I am a drummer and never once picked up the bass. Now am jammin about 10 songs and alot to do with your videos. Thank you so much. Can we request songs for you to cover and tab for us newbies????

  2. Geosaw616 R

    Fuck, there was the only instrument who no be dirty by this stupid song.

  3. John Kincaid

    Man good job!! Dude you killed it on this one!! I'm sure it took some time but well done!!

  4. Timothy Chou

    Is this channel still active?? Can you please post more?? Because I really like your content. Tks

  5. EnderHeroD danl

    Bro, youre at 3K you gotta start geinding them videos out man! Youre videos are the reason why I can even learn bass!

  6. Antonio Caroppos

    Thank you very much for the video! I love your shirt, and I purchased it. However, people stare at me like I'm crazy. Does that not happen to you? 🙂

  7. Burak Saraloglu

    Try not to use pick when you are playing. It's so repulsive and sound worse on these type of songs

  8. Michael Wilson

    Dear Mr.Bass Weapon please check out my covers 🙂 i did this one too, but lack the views .. btw I've watched a few of your covers there excellent keep it up my man

  9. Mac Purvis

    ummm… at 0:41 it is incorrect in the tab. I have learned all of your songs except the paramour song and I was playing this and 9/12/11 isn't correct at 0:41 plz fix I love it otherwise

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