Do THIS When Practicing Your Guitar Scales for Better Results – Steve Stine Guitar Lesson


  1. Daniel Hoae'ae-Lewis

    Such a great video. Thanks so much for your instruction. You really help me focus my practices in a positive way.

  2. Nathan Laird

    Genius! Thanks so much for this idea. I'm able to put it to immediate productive use in solo composition.

  3. ElDuderino502

    A good reason to use my loop pedal more often. This is great advice. Thanks, Steve. Your tone is great too. What are you playing through?

  4. Lyam Lorenz-Coe

    For android users, there's an app called Chordbot, which would be great for this sort of thing. I recall it only being £3, when I bought it a few years back?

  5. Kevy Metal

    Good idea; will have to give it a whirl during some of my practices.

  6. Shlomo

    Very nice and helpfull videos. Maybe you can also tell us how you get this sound from your guitar/gear, reverb?delay?

  7. SteveBelieve Guitar

    Hey Steve! I'm SteveBelieve and I'm a guitarist and teacher my self and wanted to thank you for all your videos and for your amazing tips, you are an inspiration to me.
    I wish you all the best!
    Greetings from Italy 😃

  8. Jason England

    Mr. Stine you are an absolute asset to anyone learning. I would love to take lessons from you.

  9. Dr. Y

    These lessons are legit. Best online videos I've found by far.

  10. Jerome Moss

    Yes you are, I am learning so very very much. Now all I need is a good guitar!

  11. They lie ohio

    There's a pedal out there called a " Freeze " pedal made by electro harmonix great for this

  12. David Aghamalyan

    Guys i got confused with Lydian mode how come there is a note change i always thought its based on the major scale you just start in different place which is the case with natural harmonic or aeolian scale no?sorry I don't know much about modes🤦‍♂️

  13. David Aghamalyan

    Just an amazing lesson very conceptual i have been practicing pentatonic metronom routine of Steve and benefits are incredible i highly recommend it dont overlook it people!

  14. Mike Isonhiskit

    man Steve,your vids REALLY have helped my guitar playing progress to another level. I like your positive approach, your humility, and your attitude. Thanks again, as well Ive recommended you to other guitar players I know….

  15. Michael Enochs

    Hey Steve, I love your videos and I've been trapped playing guitar now for 15 years. I just want to say to the new guys starting out that you will get a million times better if you practice without any effects at all. Especially reverb. If you have an amp or something, try tuning your EQ to have a natural sound and practice this way. You will quickly hear all the mistakes you make when playing. And after just days of practice, you will get insanely better. I was once taught by an amazing classical guitarist and he told me your fingers are like ballerinas and you need to learn your fingers with muscle memory. So when you practice without any effects, you will hear all the mistakes you make which is a good thing. Effects help to hide these mistakes and you'll practice with bad techniques. My first song I learned was Nothing else matters by Metallica and I had a 5w amp with no effects. I learned it on that amp and was blown away at how good I sounded. I was 13 years old and if I made a mistake, I played it again, and again, and again, until I finally got it. After 8 hours of playing just two bars I could have recorded it perfectly. Fast forward when I got a new amp with effects and I believe I too fell victim to the effects trap. Just something I wanted to share. And one other thing is, you can get pretty damn close sounds with basic EQ on your equipment. I used to turn my tone nob to get a very thick sound, put the bass up, cut the mid and treble up and get distortion on a clean mode. It's just something to try and practice in the future.

  16. deadbully Spodie

    This man is my guitar god teacher! Soo much to learn people should subscribe and understand the depth of playing!"

  17. TheRosswise

    This was how I was taught the modes, but I never thought of doing something like this for practicing. Thanks Steve.

  18. Gizms12

    I am hooked on your lessons, although my style of music is different than yours, the techniques you teach are awesome and have brought me a long way, thanks so much and rock on

  19. Gary Smith

    hi Steve, once again a fantastic tute! what are you using to get your guitar tone? cheers from Aus….

  20. Steve Salt

    What a brilliant idea. I often find myself locked in the groove and key of a song. Always admired how the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani etc can pull such obscure and beautiful melodies over any chord or progression. This has answered many questions. Thank you Steve, love all your videos. Best online teacher I've discovered. Learnt so many concepts from yourself. Excellent work.

  21. Craig Fussell

    Awesome lesson! Seems like this would be a good building block in chord chasing?

  22. Michael Internoscia

    Appreciate the help Steve. The Lydian sound reminded me of Queensryche; one of my frequent playlist bands about (gasp) thirty years ago!

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