Don’t – Ed Sheeran Guitar Tutorial // Easy Chords


  1. obaida dali

    [My guitar skill became so great because of you ❀ thank you so much
    …. I dont have any music teacher because im live in Syria " properly you herd about it " and no one can teach me acoustic guitar " their is some people teaching the classical way of guitar " im just a kid learning his passion from the internet
    ( im sorry about my bad English grammar πŸ˜… )
    please if you read this replay

  2. Penelope Miller-Smith

    Haha.The bm part.I used hate bar chords when I was a beginner but then every guitar player really needs to overcome their hatred towards bar chords cause you ain't gonna be a great guitar player without stepping into a new level of harder chords.Practice makes perfect yea

  3. Isabel ez

    everything was fine until I realized that there was a bm. my fingers feel weird now.

  4. Tj Kozack

    do you think maybe at the start of the videos you could play some of the song so we know what the finished product sounds like?

  5. Seth Dye

    Lol the light on the ceiling makes you look like you have a halo

  6. Weronika Rosinska

    I love this song and I love Ed Sheeran and I love you for making this tutorial!! Just one question. Could explain to me how to make the bar cords? I manage to ring F once but then whenever I tried I just failed. Are there any exercises I can do to make it better or…?

  7. Abigail Espino

    Can you make a tutorial of Shout about it by The Vamps… please,please,please!! :')

  8. Jovana.996.

    Can i play Bm wothout bar cord (the first sqare up there) always.. Or it is for this song only?:)

  9. Peregrino Tuc

    You're amazing! I just love how you explain things! I was searching for a easy version of " I see fire" but I can't find it πŸ™ could you do it please?

  10. Rachael Maddux

    I love you and you help me so much! I have a solo concert coming up and I want to do "I see fire" by Ed Sheeran! Can you make a totorial for that song?? I would be so happy!❀️❀️

  11. Waewta Styles

    I love your covers! Can you please do a cover of Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony? πŸ™‚

  12. Indira Ghosh

    your videos are honestly beautiful, so are you. thank you for making it πŸ™‚

  13. Yoselin Saenz

    I just loved it!!! you have no idea how much I wanted to learn this song , I couldn`t but now I`m very sure I will, In fact I speak spanish but I learned this song and watch your videos. Peace and Love πŸ™‚

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