Drift Away – Uncle Kracker | Beginner Guitar Lesson | 3 Chord Guitar


  1. 32 Racing Alaska

    Matt!! Awesome videos!! In this video and song, there is a spot in the song where it slows down and the lyrics start with "And when my mind is free"….how do you play that part??

  2. Robert Allen

    I want to know should I buy A guitar learning kit what kinda guitar should I buy

  3. Donnie Sasser

    Haha. You are crazy. Love it. Love this song and the way you show to play it. God bless buddy.

  4. eyeball

    It's the intro that people want to learn, not the melody. Seems that no one knows how.

  5. Anthony F

    Thanks for doing this, I've wanted to sing and play the guitar for a while now (I've been playing guitar for a few years)
    and for me its been a bit tough but now that I am able to see the way to do it its been really helpful so thanks keep on rockin

  6. Billy Green

    NOPE-Sorry but wrong-wrong-wrong- on this song there's more to it than this…

  7. Steven Keating

    +Country Song Teacher I almost put my guitar away for good because I just wasnt getting anywhere then I came across all your videos. Thank you brother bless

  8. Daniel Cox

    Matt, thank you so much for making all the different videos that you have. I have learned so much over the last few weeks watching you. God Bless you!

  9. melissa stjean

    is there a way to play the song god bless the broken road without using any bar chords or picking. just chords like G,C,D,Em and am if needed but that's all I know. haven't been able to figure it out with those chords

  10. Brandon Keele

    Great video! I pick up a lot from you. One question. Is the last verse the same chords? The singing sounds a little different on that one.

  11. Aida Philips

    I love this version. pls lyrics and chords. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much i really love it. Very easy and sounds great!!!!!

  12. Clifford Dye

    Matt, man God bless you, thanks for posting these videos, I have wanted to learn guitar so bad, and you gave me that!!!! Love the videos man, and can you do, "Chasin that neon rainbow" by Alan Jackson? God bless you and your family, and y'all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!!

  13. mack biddys

    Thanks for teaching! Will probably be requesting another one again at some point!

  14. chase hager

    Hey Matt, Love your Channel. I'm also a West Virginia Boy. I'd love to hear a lesson on Luke Bryan's Song "Razor blade"

  15. ArmaGuyz

    Matt great lesson, simple song I skipped over in my learning. Theres two questions I have for you. One, is about have you every had to deal with carpal tunnel symptoms like pain in the fingers finger tips and palm? How did you beat it. Last I see you said you dont recall how to play songs alot, how do you recall the ones you do know are they muscle memory?

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