Ear Training Course 3.2 The Major 7th Interval Hear Recognize Sing Play Guitar Lesson Tutorial


  1. Rambo

    for minor 7th try Mariah Carey – Without You

  2. Brain Wrinkle

    I'm so glad you're uploading your ear training on Youtube. I can't want to tackle these videos during my free time.

  3. quicktastic

    I was wondering if you were going turn yourself into a pencil sketch there for a sec. 😉

  4. H Kay

    Moon River has My – Huck…….leberry friend. The My Huck bit

  5. MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs

    I don't understand why such dissonant interval, only half step from the root, sounds so sweet. Major 7th chords are so sweet and magical! Well, in general I like using minor and major 7ths a lot!

  6. Rob Smith

    The intro to "Special Needs" by Placebo is a good reference for this interval

  7. Jim King

    I'm singing with a full chorus this season and I'm having an awful time staying in the correct octave. My voice always drops down and ends up singing lower than the other bass/baritones. It doesn't help that I'm singing the bass clef – I'm a guitarist so I'm used to treble clef for what little note reading I do.I'm sure there's an exercise or drill for this but, I haven't found it yet.

  8. Collins O

    Much love my dude you have brought my guitar playing a long way.

  9. Epi Phone

    Aural training is probably the most avoided (because it's difficult, it's not tangible – no fingers on strings) yet probably the skill that will improve your playing quicker than almost anything. If you can hear something in your head, and you know your fingerboard, you'll be able to improvise much more accurately and melodically.
    Honestly, if you want to be a musician – I don't mean a Rock Star – this is just something that you've got to do. If it comes easily then you're lucky and BE grateful because most of us had/have to work hard to get this into the grey matter. Once it's there though you'll always remember it, you'll hear the intervals in songs and it really is as important as having fingers that can move well. This is like the road map telling them where you want them to go.

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