EASY 2 Chord SONG #10 Elevation by U2 | Play TEN Guitar songs with 2 EASY Chords


  1. justin Vlach

    ok nothing related to this song but if i was to play a song that required a capo but didnt use it how to convert notes say a song using capo second fret played C D Am G G5

  2. Attila Perge

    Its not fair. I learn to play on acoustic guitar and its sounds so much more awesome on electric guitar 😀

  3. Riddim Alias

    Question: my thinnest e string doesn't ring out as fast as the other strings I think. Or at least, I'm hearing the string more then the others… I think its because you don't touch that string, and it is thus not muted like the other strings, when you switch between the chords. (except the thickest e string of course). Is that normal? Or what am doing wrong…? (I pick to hard on the e string?) Nice vid btw and ty for all the nice lessons!

  4. elmero mero

    hi great video could someone tell me what's the FUZZ that THE EDGE uses to play this song I mean the original fuzz on the album version ??well I'll appreciate some of you reply me t-you bye =)

  5. iFly969

    excellent tutorial, pretty easy to be honest if you properly know how to maneuver e and a chords, too bad I learned this on classical acoustic guitar

  6. Zain ibdah

    Hello andy! I was searching for elevation for guitar because I assumed you didn't have it (I always go to your channel) and I was super stoked to see you had a video. Do you have any other U2 songs? I'm a big fan so I'm just wondering. Thank you!

  7. AnnLee Giltner

    Awesome!  Your instruction is by far the easiest to follow!  This one is my favorite so far.  Thanks for the great video Andy!

  8. Katherine Johnson

    Arg…still working on an easy transition from  E to A. Terrible! But, I am enjoying trying (although on my acoustic). Thanks for the lesson 🙂

  9. Divine TruEyez

    omg you are a life saver thanx for the videos….. your awesome!!! went through other videos and let me tell you, not very helpful!!!!!! Thank God I  found you on here if not id be super stressed out!!!!! You rock, Your awesome Keep them coming!!!!!! <3

  10. Jen G

    thank you for posting these videos , they are very helpful and easy to follow ! 

  11. Psyhhogirl

    but it think he plaz it in real 7'———– 5———– 0————0 isnt it ??

  12. Psyhhogirl

    thns thats one is good , GOD HELP ME WITH THIS GUITAR!!!!!!!! wanna be fucking steve vai

  13. Terrance Anderson

    Your lessons are so good.  Thank you so much Andy. I feel that you are talking directly to me.  Again, many thanks.

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