EASY 2 Chord Song #5 | Achy Breaky Heart | Play TEN guitar songs with two EASY chords


  1. jlt

    Andy, I like your version way better than the original! This was a milestone in my learning because I was able to SING while playing with you and the record. I even recorded myself and shared it with family and friends and they were happy for me. Thank you once again!


    U r my guitar master
    u r the best for me
    go ahead andy
    do me favour to learn guitar
    i always thankful to u
    #Dedicating seriously#Andy ????
    from NEPAL

  3. Nakita Bunyan

    Thanks for sharring, just started learning guitar myself , starting to get there after watching your 10 videos on here. 😀

  4. Collen Rivers

    this sounds funny when you song it because billy ray cyrus is a southern american and you're a brit????????

  5. Big Bulk

    Big Hug Buddy…….this is officially the first song i learnt on guitar….ALL THANKS TO YOU……Thanks a Ton

  6. Lars Dunemark

    Thanks for a great video, really fun to start playing along with some real songs.

  7. Jonny B

    Great Video! Maybe you could do You Need Me I Don't Need You by Ed Sheeran, all the other tutorials I've watched haven't been that good, but I have faith in you;)

  8. Teemu Kivilä

    Ha, im gonna check your every single vid from now on. First electric guitar is gonna arrive on this friday, or early next week. Your vids make learning a lot easier, at least i hope they do 😀 keep up the good work.

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