EASY 2 Chord Song #6 – SATISFACTION [Rolling Stones] Play TEN Guitar Songs With Two EASY Chords


  1. jlt

    This is one of my favourite songs in this series. I was able to play along with you but the record is "record speed", so to speak. Playing the guitar makes me develop a whole new level of understanding in how fast these songs really are! Practice makes progress.

  2. Todd van der Burg

    Andy, i just want to say that you're awesome. I secretly play on my mothers guitar when she isnt home to suprise her when i can play a song or 2! You're making this possible. Thanks!

  3. Raquel Coelho

    Wonderfully helpful again, Andy! Thank you so much! It really is motivating to play along to something from the start, even if it is not the whole song. Loving your videos! You're awesome!

  4. Emily Che

    This is the only one in series that i can't get a hold of.???? Practice more…

  5. jak blak

    Hi Andy. Great Tutorial as Usual mate. I must be getting better with playing, as i could play along to you with Ease. Thankyou Andy, P.S any chance of Bowies Starman tutorial for Learners Please. Haz ???

  6. ShrapnelTwo

    how about Slide away by Oasis? Or something by the Verve? nice video!

  7. hitches be bouncing 123

    hi I just bought a seagull Merlin to go along with my guitar and I thought you might like to check them out there cool and I though you would enjoy it

  8. Andy Guitar

    Remember the FULL tutorial for the Riff and the chords is also on youtube here!

  9. Andy Guitar

    1 – For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield http://bit.ly/2hzjU4T

    2 – Silence Is Easy by Starsailor http://bit.ly/2hBSoW5

    3 – Three Is A Magic Number http://bit.ly/2iMPCxk

    4 – U.N.I. by Ed Sheeran 5:49 http://bit.ly/2ikQQgr

    5 – Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus http://bit.ly/2ip4FwS

    6 – Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones http://bit.ly/2iMivpr

    7 – Love Me Do by The Beatles http://bit.ly/2il1rYN

    8 – Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry http://bit.ly/2ipcDFX

    9 – When Love Comes To Town by U2 & B.B. King http://bit.ly/2iMfcys

    10 – Elevation by U2 13:06 http://bit.ly/2ifkINl


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