Easy Eddie Van Halen Style Tap Harmonics Guitar Lesson – Guitar Tricks – Rock – Metal


  1. CryptoDragon UK

    I came here to see how More an played the last part of velocity solo by obscura, I know now he does this near the end, but it's too damn fast.

  2. Bob Jones

    remember to tap in every solo like Ed. tap tap tap over and over and over. it sound so totally different every time

  3. Spence ah

    This was pretty easy for me because my dumb ass decided to learn mean street at 4 months in

  4. The Lazy Metalhead

    Should your finger be over the feet of the hand doing the melody (the one that's normally doing the fretwork)

  5. C.K music

    what about getting that tap harmonic sound , but not on the neck , but tapping where the pick ups are? ive always wondered how to get that sound?

  6. Love Rhesus 2 Pcs

    I guess it goes without saying, if my action is a bit high, these will be more difficult to hit right?? ย Thanks for this lesson!

  7. John B

    The whole bottom half of his pinky is the size of my full one…

  8. Eet Chit

    ZZ TOP TEN DOLLAR MAN ย  find the cool harmonics in thatย 


    Great video. Loved the zoomed in cam on the neck. I never understood why guys show the head of the guitar and the whole body. Zoom in.
    Not a lot of jibber jabber either. You got right to the point. And thats what I like.

  10. Tanner Whitehead

    I did EXACTLY what you did and mine didn't sound nearly as great as yours. And you and me BOTH have the EXACT same guitar.๐Ÿ˜ž

  11. Pump Gun

    That a lots of secret guitar technique to be cool guitarist..still got more to learn ๐Ÿ™

  12. James Lee

    how comes the strings you play go higher in key the further you come down the fretboard, what is this?

  13. Charles Manis

    This is obviously a good lesson, but you confused the hell out of me. Way too many numbers haha.

  14. Chris Mcgill

    Hi very good approach exsplaining of harmonics .already knew how to do quite a lot of this already but had gaps in my overall understanding now have a direction on what i am doing now. thanks very much for sharing respect guitar man .
    Big chris

  15. Violet Deliriums

    I don't know if you have figured out tapping harmonics yet — that you have to tap at very precise place to make it work — but one thing I've found is that some guitars don't respond as easily as others to the technique. But if you add a compressor it can help bring them out. To test to see which one is best, bring your guitar in and try it. If the compressor doesn't help, try another one or go back and practice more.

  16. Violet Deliriums

    Eddie said something similar about natural harmonics — that you can almost play a whole scale with them if you "know where to hit them."

    Using a compressor can help to bring out harmonics — especially artificial tapped harmonics. I have little problem getting them to pop out on a Strat like you, but on my Jaguar it is a lot more difficult (maybe because it is small scale). The compressor helps.

  17. Violet Deliriums

    Eddie Van Halen never really claimed to invent any technique if you read his interviews — not even tapping. He just did things in a way that made them sound like no one before him. Sure, he is an ass about some things like most arrogant guitar gods are, but inventing technique was not one of them.

  18. Frank Umile

    everytiime I smack it on the lower octive, it just sounds like im holding down the note

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