Easy Guitar Lessons – Centerfold – The J. Geils Band – Acoustic Guitar song beginner


  1. yip yop

    Hey can you please explain the intro lick in depth? I am a newbie to guitar and I do not know the scale

  2. martin leach

    Hi marty ,thank you so much for this ,this is one of my favorites! cheers martin

  3. travis whitt

    marty you legend!! best teacher!! you have taught me everything know on guitar so far!! cheers bud

  4. karl eichholz

    hey dude your great hopefully your teachings will help me win this girls heart 😀

  5. Jin Okubo

    I just want to say I love all your vids. I have improved so much from working with your vids. I choose a single song and practice daily with your vid after work. It is like a class one on one. I had one well two request. Darius Rucker This, and a classic She talks to angels. Keep up the vids.

  6. Carolyn Cook

    Marty…just getting back into playing…been forever and just had country basic chords down pat from my childhood…I was browsing youtube for someone with personality and enthusiasm to make me feel like I am not too old to do this again…haha…I enjoy your way of teaching and am happy that I found you here…Looking forward to putting some acoustic rock into my life!! Thank you…I am off to download the ebook but can't find the link yet…lol

  7. Klasta

    I might not be able to play this (yet!) but I'm already proud that I can whistle it better than Marty ^^

  8. Gajaz1

    hey…you know indie rock srtyle? like alternative etc..? Like coldplay, young the giant, foster the poeple, edward sharpe etc..? Well I used to play classical with my guitar, but recently I switched to pop/folk, and i'm seeking for I new guitar. Would you please help me by suggesting me some guitars made for playing indie rock stylem=, etc. I know thers the acoustic one, but which kind? which mark? I know Godin is very good…Is the 5th avenue ok? THANKS!!!

  9. Nicolai Heidlas Music

    I think teh lick from 0:00 to 0:08 is goes like this g string: slide from 2 fret to 4fret . Then 3rd fret on b string (Again 3rd on b string) Slide with the G string back from 4 to 2 then play the open g string twice. Then again twice on the open G then second fret on d string then again twice on open g string. Again twice on g and then 2 on g and then twice open g.

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