Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners (Beginner Guitar Course Level 1 lesson 6)


  1. jaber hamza

    hy Andy if i wanna practice with a metronome which number i need to use?

  2. Johnny

    How do you blindly only strum 5 strings with the A chord?
    Do you mute the thick E string with your thumb or what?

  3. LeexReloaded

    You are the best teacher that I ever found. Even tho I take guitar lessons (I'm in my 10th week) I couldn't even change 2 chords and now I can change between A and E fairly fast. Thanks so much. Keep up with the good work 🙂

  4. Soumyadip Dey

    +Andy your lesson is a big reason for my happiness…..really I do really good with my guitar


    Is it me or does Andy look like Cpt. Rip Hunter from Legends of Tomorrow?

  6. Anh Lê

    Thank you very much for the lessons, Andy. Everytime i watch your video, my motivation for learning guitar gets much higher 😀

  7. Sharon Ross

    Andy I have learned to change the Em to Am and back and try to strum bar s I like sliding my finger into the 2nd fret… Thanks for being a great teacher….

  8. Zach K

    I'm having a lot of trouble with my grip, it feels like I have to choke my guitar to death to get any notes above the fourth fret. I've watched your sore fingers video, but the notes just take a lot of pressure. Do you have any tips/recommendations?

  9. Bobby W

    Just getting started and im so glad I found your channel Andy. Really enjoy the content. Im starting out on an electric guitar and was wondering what your suggestion for pick thickness would be. I feel like the heavy pick is too much. What do you suggest for your beginners? Keep spreading the music 🙂

  10. Ayoub Amrani

    Andy you are like an internet hero I swear. Thanks alot for these lessons.

  11. Sam Louderback

    Are you still only strumming the last 5 strings for the A chord? (not yet good enough to hear if the first string is being strummed)

  12. Dark Order

    You are the best! Thank you very much for these lessons, they are helping me a lot.

  13. Seafret •

    Hey andy nice video, i'm getting acoustic guitar soon i'm kind intermediate …beginner lol what guitar you recommend? I should get

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