Electric Guitar Lessons “Soloing Over Minor Chord Changes” Tab Included


  1. willie otoole

    It takes us old guys a long time to get bored with the pentatonic scale, dunnit? And, yes, Dave – it sounds very cool indeed… I wouldn't be surprised if you started playing bossa nova next!

  2. Lee McDaid - Donegal

    That was an excellent lesson Dave, one of your best (And that's pretty good going considering how great the rest of your videos are!).
    You should do more like this Dave 'cause they seem to have struck a chord (Excuse the pun..Ha ha!!!) with people watching. I know personally that improvising is weak point of my playing (One of many…LOL!!!)
    Thanks again Dave

  3. woodenacoustic

    Dave I must thank you for these lessons. I have this week learnt about arpeggios & moveable triads from you! This has now got me into scales and an understanding of chord construction. The jigsaw is starting to fit together a bit more and given me that bit more interest. All I have got to do is work them into my playing. Cheers!

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