Electrosmash Arduino Guitar Pedal & Custom Enclosure


  1. Xeno Matic

    Do you really need to use a CNC router to drill a few fucking holes in an aluminum plate? Kinda overkill tbh

  2. François Landry

    Nice work. But I can't believe that with all those nasty tools you have you manage to screw the footswitch with pliers, risking to ruin your finish.
    And of course, I watched all the video hopping you show what the pedal actually do… the program. Please make a part II.

  3. Artur Karlov

    two hands on the grinder, dude, you are a role model, you should know better.

  4. Walter Garcías

    Hi, I really appreciate this class of videos and projects, Congratulations, and thanks for inspiring musicians everywhere, I have a question, I´d like to use my Uno shield pedal Live, and I´m no sure if I can store all the efects in my pedal or I need to upload them one by one with my computer ? thanks 4 ur time, Cool enclosure!

  5. Danny Sebahar

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest you show us how the pedal sounds in the video befoe you show us the build. I mean, that video was fun to watch but provided me with no motivation to "make" anything. For all I know the electrosmash sounds like GrandmaPiss. I know it doesn't ;), wait, no I don't, you didn't let us know how it sounds!

  6. Techmentation Lab

    Great design of electrosmash. And finely engineered with CNC's and electronics. Good product of arduino. Good job.

  7. Adam .Reeder

    if i had that mesa boogie i wouldnt have it just sit there……….was wishing for a demo

  8. Crafted Workshop

    Turned out awesome, Tyler. I'd love to hear more demos of it being played. As a guitarist who wants to learn about Arduino, this really interests me.

  9. Dimitri Brukakis

    Step 1: Buy machines for about 20000$ 😀 Ok, maybe I'll try it with the tools I have. Definatelly a cool project! Thanks for showing!

  10. Luis Gerena

    All this cnc'ing takes the fun out of these videos. You miss the handmade look and feel of a well made diy. Something this simple could've been easily done with a scroll saw or a router and the watchability of this video would've been ten times better.

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