Epic Cinematic Rock Guitar Ballad Backing Track in E Minor – Solo


  1. webnet15

    oh hell yeah……..sounds Fantastic bro……………thumbs skywards …………keep doin what ya love ………Mark

  2. Lay Dee

    ღ♥ّۣۜღ *ᶫᵒᵛᵋ¸¸,•*ᶫᵒᵛᵋღ♥ّۣۜღ
    Awesome work, my friend ♥ّۣۜliked

  3. valerie issadi

    Hello Jack. Je suis de retour de vacances 😊 c'est juste exceptionnel !!! MERCI pour ce beau moment et gros bisous de France 💜🇫🇷 Val..

  4. Ali

    Cool Video Phantom liked keep it up 😁🔥

  5. Ernest Kwok

    I always love the sound you coax from your guitar 🎸 thanks for this awesome vid, Jack 😊

  6. Theibault

    Fantastic Jack! Always love waking up, checking YT and hearing one of your tracks in the early morning to get my day going. 😉

  7. Alan Free

    Great backing track and fantastic playing, Jack! Love that sound!

  8. Foreversinging5

    ❤️Hello my sweet bello! Thank you so much for using your whammy bar to write another story❤️All your moves seemed like a gorgeous dance with pizzazz, you are my Mr. Sensational❤️

  9. Torro ́s RC Channel

    yeeaahh Jack, it's nice to hear a new song from you again and it's like balm for the soul when I hear your music 👌 big thumbs up my mate and thanks for playing and sharing 🔝🔝👍👍 many greetings Thorsten 🤝

  10. ivory dunsty

    Epic performance Jack!! Pure awesomeness as always, absolutely love it!! 🙂

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