Famous Last Words + Solo – Guitar Lesson – My Chemical Romance


  1. baNdTraSh .-.

    MagnumHighway how long have you been playing the guitar?? I really love your videos 🙂

  2. Fourth Fusion

    At first I didn't get that note that you put about where the heart is. When I figured it out, I started cracking up

  3. Dominik Maierhofer

    Hello MagnumHighway, thank you very much for this video.
    I just want to ask you one thing.
    Don't you think the fast part, this f lick, shouldn't that be in minor, like e-string 134 a-string 134 d-string 235 and so on?

  4. ThisIsntRyanRoss

    Oh my god thank you so much. This is my favourite song off of The Black Parade, and I'm better at learning songs visual (like a tutorial ;^) ) so its especially helpful for the solo. Bless up

  5. Zahraa Noormahomed

    This is down right amazing! You killed the solo! How long would it take to master it? It looks extremely hard 🙁 I really want to learn this song though. Also, are there tabs available? Much appreciated 🙂

  6. Probe8tion

    i watched the first part over and over again i think you didnt did the open A chord during the chorus

  7. Anuj11

    Pleasw do a tutorial on Going to pasalacqua by green day couldnt find it anywhere

  8. Jerry

    This tutorial is amazing! can you do one for MaMa by MCR?

  9. Satan XO

    Request! Mama by mcr.

    I know most of it but the pre bridge (lol) where he goes
    "Mama we all go to hell, it's really quite pleasant except for the smell…" Idk what the guitars do there but it sounds awesome. And no tabs seem correct for me on that part.

  10. lawrence liang

    Bro I freaking love your channel it's really hard to find lessons on the music you do and you're doing an excellent job at explaining it

  11. Emma Murphy

    great tutorial ready helpfull.
    please could you do a tutorial on Chelsea by the summer set

  12. Mcr trash thanks

    lmao that one dislike is probably a 12 y/o kid who probably tweets them daily about the break up even tho they've probably lisntened to only Nanana and Helena #rip #SaltyKiddo
    but bless I'm hella grateful for the tutorial and the mini side note to Gerard

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