Fiction (Avenged Sevenfold Acoustic Cover) – Guitar Arrangement


  1. Tre TheOnly

    I have a big question for guitarist. If I ultimate guitar tab this is he just playing lead on the riff and such and playing acoustic when he sings? Could I find a tab just like this, or would I just have to look at chord tabs and electric tabs and kinda mix it together?

  2. Eva Alexan

    this is AWESOME!!! can you upload the chords? I would really like to play it

  3. DarioPinelli

    Love this video! Can you support us watching our acoustic rendition of Love Yourself. Hope you will like it!

  4. opan geboy

    anyone know the tunning ? his guitar sounds make my dick day ..
    5th or 4th string sound so wierd

  5. Dan 652812

    Great cover for a great song, there is nothing wrong with your tuning, sounds great.

  6. Vuk Milosevic

    Um, you sing pretty well and play quite good, but your guitar is so out of tune that it hurt my brain.

  7. Jijst5

    Dude, how old are you? I'm really jealoes . :p This cover couldn't be better, trust me. The guitar arrangement on its own is already phenomenal. But your voice is equally stunning!

  8. thelostsniper

    How do you make your guitar sound like that, not the tuning but the heavines and clingynes if thats even a word

  9. Shady

    Who'se the fuck are dislike this fuckin' best video

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