Fingerstyle Tutorial: Kiss the Rain (Standard Tuning) – Guitar Lesson w/ TAB


  1. Zniv Yos

    im the only one here knows that theres a dog on his right side

  2. Kent Cuya

    you should have put that extra strings your picking so the sound can go on..and not stopping..but tnx this is really helpful

  3. Hans Fajardo

    9:15 you can play the 4th string instead of the 5th fret on the 5th string 🙂 hope i helped someone :)…

  4. Jin Young

    this is the first time I see such an intro I laughed so hard omg it's the best 😂😂😂

  5. Dr. Coimbra

    excelent thank you so much. please could you make POEM? Its a beautifull song too. I beg you

  6. Noblesse Noble

    thanks for this lovely lesson student and sir 😀 ,
    Request: Yiruma's Spring Time or Yiruma's Maybe , please 😀

  7. nameless circassian

    it would be nice if you play the same notes that written in tabs sheet. Sound differs tab sheet and it's confuses a lot

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