FRAGILE: Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson + TAB by GuitarNick


  1. Ray

    I'm really impressed with the way that you arranged this, Nick.  I've checked other tutorials on Youtube and they are all OVER the neck with all kinds of bar chords.  This is all in the first position.  After a week of practice it's beginning to fall in place and the way you wrote it, it is easy.  Thanks.

  2. Ray

    Gorgeous arrangement, Nick.  Your skill in arranging and playing is truly awesome.  Would you say that this requires advanced skill to learn?

  3. Dude500ist

    why on alot of your vids do people say the tab isnt like the vid, there all exactly like the video

  4. rakel727

    Very very nice Thans. Please, a fingerstyle Theme , Zorba The Greek version

  5. tap4154

    Ahhh… I was looking at a different tab on your other page. My mistake.

    Thanks so much Nick! That's a very nice arrangement and I'll learn it now ;o)

  6. tap4154

    Very nice arrangement in the open position, but the tab is nothing like the arrangement in the video. Is there tab for the video version?


  7. Machine Head

    Really good Nick thanks. Fingerstyle songs are so good to learn, you can sing with your fingers!! Be a while before I can sing like you though. 🙂 Cheers aXe

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