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  1. Tom G.

    What are the ODDS. I came here to watch a video and start to learn how to set up a FR. End of the video and I finally realize… you're setting up the same guitar as me! Mine's midnight blue, only difference!

  2. Ears14U

    @3:05 That block is made out of Lolly-sticks. Popsicle sticks or candy apple sticks found in produce or I've found them in Walmart's arts/crafts section.That appears like a total of 3 at the center to make that tool for the correct width.

  3. Ears14U

    On the tremolo spring claw behind the cover to adjust the height, I use a black sharpee to mark a tiny spot on each of the two silver screw heads on one of the phillips screw slots. This ensures that I know how far I've turned each screw in an equal fashion. Thank you Victor for uploading this video. It's tremendously helpful for anyone wanting to learn this tedious process when dealing with these tremolos.

  4. gent2310

    The only gripe I'd have with this is the tuning/intonation setting. This all should be done with the guitar in playing position and not lying on the neck support …. when you pick it up and put it on your strap everything will probably be a bit sharp

  5. Demonartz 666

    Hi Victor I just needed to check something with you… When you remove the little wooden block from the bridge block is that when you take the temporary springs out too. Also you said something about the string tree…Does that have to be removed when doing all of this job. I didn't know that had to be done or if that was important or not.

  6. Aleksander Mizera

    HI I have a question I had Ibanez JS100 model( I know it's one of the cheapest and oldest)and had same tremolo bridge as this one I think, but had a problem with it, because when used excessively it was loosing tuning. Is it because it was not made very well or it just needed adjusting. Apparently it was set up in e shop. will every tremolo keep its tuning if setup correctly or I need to really invest in the most expensive one?

  7. Kevin Muswagon

    What is that thing called that you use to measure the truss rod adjustment of the neck at 23:02 and where can I get one?

  8. Demonartz 666

    I really need your help mate. I have an a Ibanez Rg370DX As far as I know it has a Edge III bridge. As you will already know The Edge III bridges look like they are going at an angle when they are not. Some say their should be a rectangular part near the base of the bridge and to follow that to get it horizontal. The thing is the one I have doesn't have that so I can't really tell if it is really horizontal or not. They could well be talking about some other version of Edge bridge. When I set it up mine . I can only get it to stay in tune when pushing down the whammy bar but if I pull it back it goes totally sharp. If I push it back down after pulling back it goes back in tune again. I have the very same problem with all the Floyd type bridges I have to too. What Am I doing wrong ? Any help will be very much appreciated. Demon.

  9. beano1eye

    I have a old Charvel neck thru…When the floyd is set flush with the body and I restring, the strings are bottoming out hard at the lower frets, truss adjustment doesn't improve it, I have to raise the bridge 5mm off the body to get a decent action, any tips people? thnx

  10. Calvin To

    Nice video, thanks….let me understand how setup with more details.

  11. Whole Witt

    I do appreciate this video instruction but would offer some suggestions.  Use a guitar tuner so we can see what is happening.  You can hear if the sound is slightly sharp or flat but most of us can't.  Also have an amp on so we can hear the sound of the guitar better.   Finally, when doing the action adjustment, mention that the measurement is in millimeters.   I do have a question.  Why do the fine adjustments with the screw driver under the tremolo?  Once the screwdriver is removed, wouldn't the pitch change?   ….guess I needed to watch the last three minutes.

  12. Lil'Yeshua

    I watched another video on how if the tuning suddenly goes flat then the two screws in the back of the neck holding the nut aren't snugged down properly. If the tuning suddenly goes sharp when you tighten the nut clamps the the string tree must be adjusted so that the string follows the nut countour.

  13. SentiZ Music

    Perfect video except for the action part, never touch the action screws with the floyd under tension.
    You can fuck up the "blades / knifes" (idk the word in English for this) of the floyd wich can cause instability to the tuning when you use the floyd, the floyd will not correctly go back in position if you abuse this too much. Not hating as i said this video helped me a lot 🙂

  14. Ido Tavori

    Thanks for making this informative and elaborate video. I want to point at two things that I really didn't like. One is the use of a metal bar or screwdriver as a stop. It can easily damage the finish. I had a second hand 90' RG570 once with some finish scratches that I didn't know what caused them when I bought it. Now I know that it is a result of lifting the bridge with a sharp hard object of sorts. The other thing is the adjustment of the studs while springs and strings are in tension, it wears either the studs or the blades prematurely. With a worn mechanism you get all sorts of problems. The right way to do that is to measure and calculate how much you want to lift or lower the bridge (you can measure or guess at the 12 fret and double it), release the tension, adjust, and put tension once again. Doing it several times until you reach the point when your'e happy with the action.

  15. DankFamous 1

    It's a Miracle wow ???? thumbs up ???????? great job and skill you have thank you ????

  16. Andy Holley

    I thought the truss rod was supposed to be the last thing adjusted in a set up. Once the guitar is tuned up and everything as desired?

  17. Ethan Dobson

    Wooden paint stirrer wrapped in a piece of felt, hands down the best thing to support the trem. 100% no body damage.

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