Funky & Bluesy | Guitar Backing Track Jam in Bm


  1. Elevated Jam Tracks

    No pressure… but please consider downloading some tracks to support the channel, you can get the whole back catalog for a steal and it'll help keep the lights on in the studio (a.k.a my living room) for another day!
    Happy jamming 🤘

  2. te2E

    The cord progression list and following cord display is awesome… I can come back from the abyss quickly when i loose myself in the jam.
    You might have a cord chart for the people that don't know what a C11 is. And again my compliment on your work.

  3. te2E

    Liked and subscribed— This is a helluva fine groove for cutting loose. Much appreciated!!

  4. Carlos Eduardo Arellano

    What a fantastic track! BTW one of my fav songs of all times and one of the best from you! thanks. Please everyone able to do it, consider to support this channel .

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