Fusion Rock Modulation Solo


  1. Giancarlo Frugoli

    Hi David, awesome phrasing!
    Just wanted to ask you something about how you shot this video. I see you used at least two cameras simultaneously. What's your setup and which capture/edit software did you use?

  2. diasspeed

    are these Indonesian Ibanez good quality guitars? Compared to Jackson pro series and LTD MH-1000 which has the best built quality and reliability. The woods, the finish, the hardware, the electronics, the frets, etc. 

    Btw you are great Wallimann. Probably the most usefull online lessons i have seen!

  3. john hanna

    Always refreshing to hear a guitar doing fusion, the realm of the saxaphone

  4. Dante Frisiello

    David, great playing! Amazing tone as usual, and very tasty phrasing. Very enjoyable! I am curious what you think of that guitar as well, I'm looking at picking up a used one and would love to hear your thoughts on it! Very excited for your prog album too, BTW. Cheers!

  5. vincej151

    Bravo Maestro !! This is unbelievable ! If your album has this kind of music on it with these great melodies then I am a customer !! 

  6. Nick D

    David I love this video ! I could watch this all day ! or night ! Hey man its time to put out an album get a band and start touring so we can see this live. You have plenty of great jams , I sure everyone would love to see you live playing these types of jams.

  7. Marcus Castillo

    David, I am a recent subscriber and am thoroughly impressed by your talent and teaching ability. Have turned several of my friends onto your channel.

  8. Lars høk

    Hi david excelent playing , for some reason i have an extreme problem with d minor improvs , (trying to record an speed metal style solo). However other scales just flow perfect?.

  9. Michael Z

    A total Masterpiece …Wallimann has so much feeling in those scary chops which is damn near unheard of in this day and age!

  10. shane R

    Dave ur vids are great. I am thinking of getting axe fx 2 xl or mesa mark 5. I hv a marshall , 11 rack. I noticed all ur other amps and pedals are gone. Is it worth the switch?

  11. Nolan Brock

    That was some awesome playing! The fret camera is defiantly something you need to keep.

  12. Todd Krill

    Hey Dave! Absolutely LOVE what you are doing here! Great imagination and wonderfully fluid, with superb tone and use of dynamic textures. Frankly, I am looking to "re-learn" how to play the guitar, this time "properly", after a 40+year lay-off. Searching the web mercilessly over the last few weeks, hoping to find the "right" teacher, I must say I think you fit the bill. Your low-key and friendly demeanor, underscored by the emphasis on "musicality" over "gymnastics", then ably demonstrated by some serious chops, for me clearly seals the deal. Sign me up!  

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