George Harrison “My Sweet Lord” Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lesson


  1. J Lahey

    Are those LP pickups stock? If not, what are they? Sounds really good!

  2. Robert Messina

    You're awesome and teach us so many great things!
    my GUITAR thanks you!????✌

  3. Smack Bramhall

    You voted today? But it's July!
    Incidentally it happens to be the same day this was uploaded, but a year later, at the time of this writing.

  4. DrNeb

    I really love your tutorials. Thanks so much for this one. Even after numerous years of practicing bar chords, I still have trouble getting them to ring in a timely manner. For many people, bar chords can be the reason they give up on a song. Another favorite teacher online often shows simpler ways to play the chord for those of us who struggle. I know for me it is much appreciated as I practice both ways but am still able to play the song in the mean time. For example I practice the Bm using a cheat which is easy from a D shape. Just thought I'd throw this idea out there, because I really like your lessons. I just think that some teachers don't grasp just how difficult bar chords can be … especially on an acoustic. Thanks again.

  5. Bob Wags

    Ever since I first heard this tune in 1970 I felt that the acoustic guitar in the far right channel is one of the best acoustic rhythms ever put down on vinyl. Not only is it an excellent rhythm that keeps up the pace throughout it is a percussion instrument in its own right. I feel it is one of the instruments that keeps the song rolling from start to finish. I wish I knew who played that part.

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