Ghost Riders in the Sky: Guitar Cover, The Outlaws, Full Song


  1. Luis Alberto Dueñas Rivera

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  2. Mitzi Lucky

    Good Job Sam! Edward "Hughie" Thomasson, Jr.
    is looking down from heaven, very pleased with
    your effort, knowing the amount of practice it took.

  3. Jose Luis Aragón

    Thanks for the cover !!! I'm trying to bring it up with your video ….. i love this song!It has a special sound.

  4. Michael Craig

    can you post up the LESSON, break it down section by section, with guitar tabs?? I can not pick stufff up just by watching it go by at full speed!!

  5. Mike Page

    Kid,……You are fantastic……Do you teach……..Every Outlaws song I play I've gotten tips from watching you…you are a fantastic guitarist……

  6. PurpleLightning6was9

    I can get most of this by eye and ear(and time) but I'm having a bit of trouble with the main riff, can anyone fill me in on that?

  7. Perry Parenteau

    I think I can hear a little bit of Uncle Ted influence in some of them riffs you laid down there? A complement on my behalf of course.

  8. Mike Page

    You have such a gift. Put it in a format that can teach us wannabe rock starz. You are so talented. Teach us…….

  9. alicerulzall k

    Lol the ending, just when you think he's finished he busts out another sick lick

  10. winx350

    At the start I was like "yeah I can learn this song"…. At the end I was like, "what other songs can I learn on the guitar?"

  11. Queenannsrvnge9

    he made up the ending because the actual song fades out, and that would have been an awkward ending for the video

  12. GratefulJWB

    I'd love to see the pedalboard you're using to cover the different parts of the song.

  13. javy G

    i like too and i am 12 years old and im from mexico.

  14. FEEDtheMACH1NE

    Did you do some kind of concert version of this song? I know the freestyle in the end isn't on the album. Oh, and please do a cover of 'Stick Around for Rock and Roll' !!!

  15. Matthew Guillory

    Another Hank, Sr. fan? I am 15 and been listening to Hank forever. Got into by my grandpa and my father. I know just about anything he had done. Good video as well. Sounds nice.

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