Gimme Shelter Guitar Lesson – The Rolling Stones


  1. Robert C

    fabulous lesson – & lovely tone you get on yr axe! love the details.

  2. cv4wheeler

    Very nice lesson, more detail than any of the others I have found, it sounds right to me. Now to memorize the new stuff I learned on this song–such a cool set of riffs! Thanks!

  3. Patricia Russell

    OH wow I haven't been on your site for a while. But today I wanted to learn Gimme Shelter and there you were!

  4. tripods66

    just with those chords " On lead vocals..Mick Jagger…On drums Charlie Watts, rythem with Ronnie Wood, lead guitar by Keith Richards…. and MAry'd vocals steal the show

  5. Mark -

    are there any videos showing the lead guitar for this song?

  6. Peter Jones

    Hi, any chance of showing your amp settings / pedals used on your video's. It would really help beginners like me figure out what equipment to use. I believe a tremolo was used?

  7. Corey Knight

    I work at a youth centre and there is a full band of instruments there available to people. I want to learn how to play this for them on slow days but I have never played guitar. As a new player how long might it take for me to do this song at proper pace?

  8. Stevie Smith

    You song choices for guitar lessons are spot on Carl.
    You tend to find alot of video tutorials are similar to what's already out there. This is why I always come here. It's a break away from the norm…

    Awesome work dude.

  9. Backtoshallabal

    Hey Carl, I swear there's a Guitar in there that's in Standard Tuning. Maybe Mick T's part? Cause I saw someone do the solo in Open E, and that fingering doesn't look like the way Keith or Mick would play it. So maybe there's another Guitar in it?

  10. mda037

    It is really cool how an open tuning like this one or Keith Richards' more traditional open G tuning produces that classic Stones' guitar sound.  This lesson was unexpected and a real treat…thanks Carl !!

  11. JorLen

    Can you do a lesson on "Shout" by Tears for Fears? There's no lesson on that song on YouTube

  12. Ben Kerr

    Great lesson I was just listening to this song an then i come here and your doing a lesson on it.How would I go about getting that sound

  13. Liam Hudson

    Whenever I think of gimme shelter my mind is tainted with the image of lady gaga jumping around in ridiculous heels when she sang it with the stones.

  14. tweed guitar

    Hey Carl, Nice…So many classic rock songs in the Stones catalogue to draw from. Hope to hear some more Stones from you along the way. "Sympathy for the Devil" is popular at the moment. "Honky Tonk Woman" ( a Ry Cooder riff originally ) is a beauty also. cheers tweed

  15. DreamWizard9

    Damn….I thought this was by Sisters of Mercy. What a bummer.
    My whole childhood destroyed… :/

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