GiTV | Paul Reed Smith speaks on controversy over PRS Silver Sky, plus demo


  1. Baal Zephon

    Special thanks to Leo Fender and Ted McCarty for PRS guitars. There is nothing new under the sun…at least since 1954. 95% of guitars since then are either copies of the Les Paul, The Telecaster or the Strat. The fact that PRS takes pride that it took him 2 years to "develop this guitar" is laughable. It took Leo a few months to build the 1st Strat. I'm sure this guitar plays like a dream. Please don't make believe that it's a PRS design.

  2. Luca Candela

    I would invest in a couple lights man, the video is way too dark I can barely see your faces.

  3. jlr022159


  4. Jörge X

    The guitar sounds great and I am sure is very well made. A lot of people reacted negatively because of the way the guitar was presented and explained. I personally do not like the headstock but that's just me.

  5. Keith Villalobos

    Say you have 500 to ship and now you won’t have anything shipped till Nov BUSSINESSes are Pissed because of your delays in your product, like acoustic se the the Mt- 15 the cabs where are they Paul Namm was months ago come on.I WANT MY SHIT

  6. Name not Found

    That's a pretty good sounding strat for it not being build by Fender also Paul stop being so full of your own shit

  7. Tony M

    I’m starting to like this guitar, I don’t get why all the hate

  8. Teetwo Dev

    Thank you Paul. Go PRS. If you don't like it then don't buy it. Buy a different one. No one is forcing anyone to buy this model. It's not like PRS is discontinuing their other models (that you like). If you want a vintage Fender then go get one. If you don't like any of their models then make your own guitar. There are parts suppliers like Warmoth.

  9. G. V. Quinn

    More power to him, make and play whatever fuckin guitar ye want; I play a gretsch sg thing into a vox preamp into a Marshall power amp, who cares about the stupid rules?

  10. Jonathan Brazee

    It really boils down to the headstock. It just looks out of place. I'm sure the guitar is great, just hard to look at.

  11. Scooby Doo

    Playing a prs is like using a condom, it comes close but it will still never be the same.

  12. azdh85224

    Paul comes across as being so defensive. So his take on a strat is a trebly mess that doesn’t even compare to a $150 squire. At least he has his other humbucker guitars that are decent.

  13. D'sBalls

    I like prs guitars, but the new Mayer stratocaster is awful, the octomore is okay, but not available here, fortunately, like the strat

  14. EmperorHope

    Hey great work in this video.I need some help into deciding what my new guitar would be.I am from greece so dealers around here do not have a banch of guitars and brands so i have to consider the fact of buying guitars without trying them by just watching vids and reading forum articles.This time i want an acoustic electric with a comfortable neck and a great sound.I would like a:
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    Can i have an opinion from you and from anyone who owns or knows something about these guitars?
    Thank you so much

  15. RaspySquares

    Slick axe. Idk wtf controversy they are talking about. Lol only people bitching are people that aren’t working musicians lol

  16. GSamuelGuitar

    what amp is it going into? Are they running a compressor? I highly doubt it would sound like that if I brought one home and plugged it straight into the front of my Twin

  17. Nick Bouvy

    I have a red one on order in Australia. Never played one. I wanted PRS quality but wanted a 25.5 inch scale length . Bingo! Ah you reliced it 😂😂

  18. Jason Clark

    So much hate over this guitar, yet there's no hate for Suhr or Anderson? The beauty of this guitar is that it combines the innovation and advancements PRS has made with the familiarity of a classic design. I'm sure the Frost Green Metallic version is coming….

  19. fossilmatic

    “The part I like about the internet is…” it’s free advertising for me.

  20. Clint

    "I don't hear a buzz" – at 3:25 he bends the high E string up and it nearly chokes out…

  21. Clint

    Anyone see Lee Anderson interview Paul Reed Smith the other day? Man, PRS is MUCH nicer to this guy than he was to Lee.

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