Guitar Buying Advice: Consider The Motivation & Perspective Of Those Advising


  1. Nick in the States

    For a minute there I thought you broke into my house and shot some video! Lol looks pretty much the same. Great advice man. So many people have opinions one way or another… and I get a ton of shit for having so many inexpensive (but good) guitars instead of having a 1959 reissue LP that I could rub with a diaper and have it be the center of my universe. I enjoy digging up inexpensive fun guitars… I get more out of it.

    And congrats on winning the wife lottery (and the Explorer!). I did as well. It's great to see that you have gratitude too! If everyone could appreciate what they have I think the world would be a better place.

  2. RealGamerManz

    I saw a similar explorer in a local guitar store a while ago. I want one so bad.

  3. Justin Birtha

    You know man I started watching your vids and was skeptical at first, but I actually love your videos and I love how your are unfiltered and don't tell your viewers that more expensive guitars and gear are the way to go and what guitars they have to buy.

  4. Greg's Garage

    Amen brother. My perspective… A new guitar is a canvas and as the owner/player, you are the artist. If the pups don't support your expression, if the hardware doesn't look right, if the neck needs some sanding to "fit"… You have every right to tweek, adjust, swap, upgrade, downgrade, etc… ITS YOUR GUITAR!!! If the next guy doesn't like it, there will be 10,000,000 other guitars to choose from. I've always bought guitars second hand and I like seeing what changes others have made. Collectors will argue, but we not collectors, we are players, we are experimenters, we are artists making an expression. Let the collectors keep the hang tags and plastic condoms attached to their guitars, I'll take the broken in player every day. My opinion is identical for old cars. Make them yours and DRIVE THEM.

  5. Brandon Simpson

    The majority of us are everyday and average joes. We have our hobbies and passions. Some of us love cars, guitars, sports, culinary, painting and more. We have our toys to tinker with and use, play and learn. Some of us are even lucky enough to turn our hobbies into a living. You are making a difference for the guys who can't pay $xxxx for that custom shop lespaul or PRS. You excite us with your curiosity and passion for guitars. We are learning with you! That means more than those overpriced, and overhyped chunks of wood. Keep the videos coming!

  6. Frank Quinn

    Watch the explorer i have a gibson budget one i love and , you are right they are very comfortable to play, but i keep walking into walls because i keep forgetting the back end juts out.

  7. cctn2012

    Guy there are a lot of us that own Gibson,Fender, and Squier guitars and love them equal. In my old age i learned it ain't the stick it's the lick just like golf . keep on making vids man good stuff thanks! Join us on Squier talk forum lots of Canadian brothers there. Were mellow lol.

  8. Bobby Lopes

    Christmas came early Nelson.Very happy to see the common folk(such as myself) gets justice for his honesty.Congrads Nelson and your wife ROCKS.

  9. rocknroor

    its not hard to figure out why an American guitar is more expensive than a Mexican or china it cost more to build anything in USA labor and taxes  also on most guitars inUSA have better parts pickups tuners pots nut I'm not saying a Chinese or Mexican guitar is crap because I have 5 USA lespauls  and 2 amercan fender strats  my favorite guitar to play is a epiphone 1954 oxblood reissue of the jeff beck blow by blow guitar  but idid switch out everything including wiring to copy of the costom shop model also have a squire jmascis jazz master and and mexi  Hendrix strat  and others but like I said labor and taxes in USA and better parts

  10. Snooze00

    You pay extra for better pick ups and hence better tone, the electronics and tuners are built to last and the fret board presentation is consistently perfect PLUS they give you the genuine logo which means your resale value stays consistent over many many years. Do they over charge? Hell yeah. I agree there needs to be some sense in the pricing structure and as it stands its bonkers. You obviously can buy the squires and epiphones but they will never sound as good unless you fork out extra money to upgrade to match the sound quality of the originals. So your 400.00 guitar becomes a 1000.00 guitar but with no resale value. My personal issue is in the Margin percentages. A good top of the line Fender and gibson should cost no more than 1k Period.

  11. John n

    bro you know whats up'' you  must  be doing  something  right'' she  bought  you a new  axe'' keep up the good work  bro''  I  know  its  rough''    its 90 %  on the player '', and like you said '' were guys and if  I  was rich  I would  have a shitload  of   guitars '', that's that'', my  GF is like   see   you wouldn't  do what  is right  with  money?  yeah  '' ok'' , I guess a closet  full of  shoes  is better  justified  then a room  full of guitars''.  but  how  does the  explorer  really  feel?  thanks bro''. john.

  12. Remi Renegade

    hey man your wife is awesome and those guitars are just amazing and can't wait for the future vids! cheers! ūüôā

  13. philo426

    You have a nice collection there so nothing yo be ashamed of.

  14. Scott McCullough

    Love watching your videos haven't bought many brand new guitars but have a few used. Love my Harmony Marquis 80s I have done some things on my guitars over the years but watching you makes me want to put together some kind of Frankenstein thing KEEP MAKING VIDEOSūüĎćūüŹĹ

  15. ibanez2010

    Don't ever sell the Explorer! I did, and I miss that fucker every day.

  16. Kyle jackson

    Dang I can't stop staring at the explore also love the fact that you are just a regular dude who as much as you love your guitars you really love your family and to hear a guy stand up for his family is a nice change to what is normally happening. Thanks again for the videos

  17. Mike Griffin

    Define "shit-ton" .. ūüėČ

    On a serious note, everyones opinion is important. It is always nice to get everyones perspective …. and appreciate it. And give your wife props !! She sounds like a great woman.

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