Guitar CHEATS! – 5 Easy Ways To Play an F Chord!


  1. JamCave Studio

    I love the F chords. I'd say my favorite one is the Fadd9. I like your two note version, sounds beautiful when finger picking. I've yet to have that throw an instrument moment. Love the channel Darrell.

  2. Leauxla

    well i had a violin in my past…..its a gift from my dad i became sooo excited i started playing it then…… it sounds soooo bad my ears cant take it…..i tried playing gentle …….but same thing happened soooo i decided to cut the string off and snap the bow ……..and now i regret that

  3. RoopertFreeloy234 Op

    I got really pissed in music class and i threw my drum sticks and one of them snapped. I got detention.

  4. Mark miller

    I wanted to launch my guitar on my roof learning barre chords but you solved that problem. Thanks

  5. Ethan Vaughn

    The only chords i really play is g, c and d, a little of e and e minor. I want to learn my first full song, family guys butter on a poptart lol and only need g, c and f, i use g and c alot but almost never use f

  6. Adam Levowitz

    When preparing for my end of the semester voice jury, I got so frustrated trying to remember the French words for some Aria that I kicked hole in the wall. That was in 1991!

  7. John Keller

    When I was starting to learn French horn when I was young, I couldn't hit the right note. I eventually got so frustrated I hit the bell of the horn on the piano bench I was sitting on and bent it lol

  8. Mario Limardi

    Well, I'm in love with those tricks.
    And I have a little request. For people like me who have struggle with barrè chord in form of A major (such as a classic C# one).
    I can't play Californication, send help!
    And what can I do if my pinky doesn't reach a fret? Is just my hand too small?

  9. Julie Pie

    Once I kicked my new guitar and almost broke it just because I can't play the F chord!
    The day after I found this video and it helped me not kick my guitar anymore ????????❀️

  10. olchevyman

    Those Tacoma guitars are actually pretty nice guitars. I have a Tacoma D12 solid wood body made in the USA. The finish all came off of it so I had to refinish it but it still is a decent guitar. It for sure isn't on the same level as my Taylor but it's a good guitar none the less. It's what I bring places if I don't want to risk messing up my Taylor.

  11. KCrimson

    Should've give me that electric acoustic πŸ™ Anyways lol funny intro lol yea. Your education is pretty clear and easy to understand thanks a lot. This means a lot to me as a beginner but I played barre chord even I started 3 weeks ago. I've played for 8 month ago hahah can't even play the barre chord. Thanks a lot for the F add9.

  12. Connie Fowler

    I appreciate your cheats–you are a great player. I hope that wasn't a really expensive guitar you tossed up there. πŸ˜€

  13. Jeff Johansen

    In all four of the chord progression diagrams you showed the G chord with a barre of the B and E strings. However, that is not the way you played it in your examples. Small point but it might have been a little confusing for the beginners that this lesson was geared toward.

  14. Brendon Landry

    Watching videos of you makes me know i could never do that well with guitar, i should just cut my fingers off and go back my cave. You're amazing, thanks

  15. steve o

    Hey, great video. sums up precisely how the F has been an obstacle and bothered me. Now back in the game. About breaking instruments, I one threw away an old paint pot my son was hitting with a kebab stick – does that count?

  16. WillPlaya

    you are awesome, and this comment section is hilarious πŸ™‚

  17. Rocker Guy

    billie joe from green day did smash his guitar on stage, thats how much he loves rock n roll

  18. Screenguy3

    I just keep breaking G strings when trying to go back to standard tuning. I really love the surprise when they snap
    in my face. Have ordered a boat load to add to my spare parts department. Probably should have two guitars in case one gets
    run over. Kinda like a full size spare tire for the car.

  19. Dave Johnson

    My Presonus software kept lagging toward the end tracking the drums on a particularly difficult song. After about the 8th time I threw the sticks at a speaker, grabbed the toms rims and pushed the bass drum over, then flipped the whole console over on it's back. Luckily the only casualty was my monitor, which ended up with a cracked frame. (but still worked).

  20. Nishit Soni

    You're trying too hard to be funny dude. You just can't do it stop and have mercy on us XD

  21. Henry N

    john you just broke a guitar
    john: I dont give a sheet

  22. Moon Child

    I personally think the standard F chord is fairly easy as a really new player (got my guitar two days ago), although I did start with playing ukulele and that shape is pretty standard.

  23. Peeyuh Leigh

    Tip for beginners playing the F chord:
    pick a song you know that has the F chord and just play that song over and over. Doesnt matter if you're getting the F chord sound wrong, your fingers will get used to the placement and the muscles will strengthen eventually and you'll be able to play an F πŸ™‚

  24. Keyboard Drunken Boxer

    I've been playing don't look back in anger and struggle with the f barre chord is I want to play the game f barre chord without the barre what's the most similar sounding easier chord that sounds the most similar

  25. Gary Davis

    Thank you sooooo so so much. I'm a seventh grade guitar student, and we have a concert June 7th and this really helped.

  26. Stephen Hall

    I haven't had this problem, but my oldest brother did when I just turned 13. He threw his guitar on the floor because the "Dirty Water" riff was to hard for him to get it right. After he left the room, I picked it up and was playing it after two attempts, so I kept on playing it in the three positions when he came back in and caught me playing his guitar…I thought that I was dead right then. He was really territorial with his things, but he simply said, "you can play it, it's your guitar". I've been playing ever since, and now I'm 61 and still playing.

  27. Finer Vine

    yo the first one is very funny you made a funny moment hahahahhahahahahhahhaha nice

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