Guitar Lesson: How To Play While My Guitar Gently Weeps By The Beatles


  1. Hayden Walker

    Can you please do Love Hate Love by Alice In Chains? It’s one of my favorite songs and I can’t find any good tutorials.

  2. Jaime López de Lerma López

    Great Beatles fan here! Not going to say anything about the dislikes because everyone else has already spoken. Good day to you Mr. Ryan 🙂

  3. The Seeker

    That video is boring! The rountine is great though. But that Guy in the first video is a master at training the body to work at ts maximum capability. There really great for balance andyoyr core. It’s all about the core for me. Here is another video I add different exercises each day to my routine. They use the term “Bone breathing” while teaching these workouts. The exercises are supposed to really be good for your organs. Working out both internal and external check em out when you get the time:)

  4. The Seeker

    Oh by way I meant to ask you how far you can drive the ball down the fairway 350yds? 400 yds? Lol! I heard you mention you like to work out. MAN this is a hell of a good 15 minute or thirty minute workout to do in the living room or where ever. I have been doing these routines for the past month. This is pretty much all I do now. I’m always looking for different workouts. By. Just using ones body.

  5. Anam Kara

    The masters were on at my house all weekend…hope you were happy with how it turned out.

  6. stone smith

    I love how optimistic you are about getting dislikes also please do unglued by stp

  7. q susio

    please do zero chance by soundgarden!!! I got every part except the verse

  8. mudhungry guitar

    Oh, another thing, hey your hair looks good both long and short. I remember 2 years ago when I cut my waist length hair. Only when it was short, people started offering their opinions that they liked it better long. Go figure. Nobody complimented me when it was long. 😛

  9. mudhungry guitar

    Before I forget….I'd love to learn how to play Island of Summer, Chris Cornell and Andy Wood. Sounds like an open tuning but I don't know what one. Please, pretty please 😛

  10. ross kegler

    Hey Ryan – can u also do the Clapton guitar riffs for this song? Thank you and I owe you a beer at a PJ concert

  11. The Seeker

    I watched Eric Claption play this and he uses his thumb like mike does on the intro to Yellow leadbetter. I have to use my finger. I just don’t feel The thumb way. I not able to be”Thumbing my way” like that. Lol.

  12. The Seeker

    Thanks Ryan! What a Great lesson! This is a good song to learn and practice the Am Or DM with F in the bass was kind of weird rightaway. That would be considered a slash chord right? I got used to it and was able to get. Im still practicing it. I can’t wait to start learning the words and everything. I m a fan of what your doing and your music 🙂 I like the parody’s a lot.its Like a little variety show. Keep doing your thing, I really appreciate the lesson. Have a great weekend. Have fun playing golf!

  13. Troy Woolmaker

    Great lesson. I became a Beatles fan after I started playing guitar. Black bird, Norwegian wood are a couple tunes I have attempted. Sometimes I think the Beatles would see how many cords they could fit into a song. I can never remember all of them.

  14. Justin Taylor

    Connor, thanks for reminding our man about Down in a Hole. I requested it a while back, one of my favourite songs.
    Awesome lyrics.

  15. Connor O'Toole

    That’s awesome Ryan, how about the unplugged version of Down In a Hole by Alice In Chains?

  16. Martin Steiger

    Thank you for the lesson. While we’re on the Beatles, how about the Beatles song “Rain” as covered by Pearl Jam? They played it at Wrigley for the Let’s Play Two shows two years ago (and they’ve played it elsewhere of course). Great cover.

  17. Justin Taylor

    Beautiful song and splendid lesson as usual, what strumming pattern are you using? It looks like DDUUD to me but I’m not sure.
    Some tough chords in there but I’ll give it a go!
    Have you seen the cover when Prince comes on stage and wows everyone with his guitar playing? Not a Prince fan but my god he could play. Cheers

  18. Enrico Fugazzi

    Forget about the dislikes. YouTube is full of trolls. Any chance of a tutorial of some Dinosaur Jr songs like "Out there " or some Eels? Like Novocaine for the Soul?

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