Guitar Lesson: Right Hand Technique For Alternate PIcking Speed



    being a slide guiarist ( Indian classical)it is useful about fingering with the thumb&first finger up & down(relax )

  2. Brokkoli7hun

    Thank you very much good sir! Thanks a lot, it's sooo easy now, I just needed this little push and a whole new wolrd opens ­čÖé

  3. Japhet Anciado

    My biggest problem is hitting the wrong strings while I know all the note to play lol

  4. topperdoggle

    Great player, as others have said it doesn't look like alternate picking, rather economy. A great thing to learn, but confusing if people think it's alternate.

  5. Christian Huber

    picking using thumb motion only ? i always thought only a small percentage do it. i mean its ok if u like it. but i think what all these youtube picking lessons do wrong: what is shown is the teachers way of picking, no picking as it generally should be. there are so many other tequniques , such as downward pickslanting, or picking mainly from the wrist

  6. Shane Riddian

    Odd, he's talking about alternate picking, yet when he plays fast he's using economy sweep-type picking.

  7. ObscurousX127

    When doing a basic scale, such as E string 1,2,4, A, string 1,2,4 etc. I start down, up, down, but when going to the A string I perform another down stroke. Most people have told me this is incorrect, and I should never break alternating between up and down. However, this feels considerably unnatural, and practicing this feels beyond just training, it feels like its breaking what I do naturally. I have already been able to reach considerable speed doing it my way, but I am wondering is this something I should definitely go back to basics on, or should I continue to do it my way if it works for me?

  8. Brian Nordman

    Just a note. When he's doing the fast 3 note per string scale up and down, he's using economy picking.

  9. Josh Swan

    Try telling James Hetfield it's a bad idea to have two fingers on one side!

  10. Jrbr 549

    Do you anchor your wrist or both wrist and forearm when you play that fast?

  11. Mathew Gonzalez

    I got past guitar basics in a month, I'm still stuck on intermediate level because I keep having trouble with alternate picking.

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