Guitar Power Season 3 ep. 1 featuring Chris Shiflett


  1. Jordan Cochrane

    why did dweezil not play the chord progression when he was awkwardly trying to show us how two guitars work together?

  2. Bailey Dyas

    Back in February, at the Foo Fighters private surprise show in Frome. Chris handed me his guitar pick. It was one of the best moments of my life!

  3. King Bored

    The thumb nails for your videos should have the people's names. It doesn't make people want to click on your videos if we don't know who the people are.

  4. hiro progatonist

    smh bland white bread dadrocker boy's club. dweezils an ok shout for host but the earlier seasons were better with bringing more unknown and fringe styles and players. typical shite.

  5. FreenvE

    Does anyone know what song is the lick Chris plays at 5:09 from? It sounds so familiar, but I don't come up with anything

  6. delawaredistroyer

    Chris seems like a nice guy. You think he would want to play at my daughters confirmation party?

  7. Treden Wagoner

    Love the new season so far. Wish it was longer. Would always wish it was longer no matter the length. Thanks!

  8. sanduiche3

    hmmm interesting…. i was hoping for some kind of advice or something though

  9. Tone-Talk

    Excellent stuff guys. Check out my show with Dave Friedman also. Great interview and I like both guys here.

  10. David McCain

    I can honesty say that THIS is my favorite show next to the Guitar Hour with host Tom Quayle. GREAT stuff! .

  11. DYB

    feels like we need an extended cut of this stuff when the season's over. fun to watch.

  12. ChargedCovers

    Glad to see him go back to No Use, still mad respect for him for all the work there

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