GUITAR THEORY: Jazz Minor Scale


  1. Neojazz

    please where to use this sclaes ? on what degree? on what chords

  2. Anirudh Sivakumar

    Hey there, I am currently learning to play Indian classical on the guitar. I noticed that this scale contains an A-sharp. If I replace that with B , will I obtain a Lydian scale??
    Would be helpful, If anybody can answer this.

  3. Nicholas Fanzo

    love the jazz minor scale. was stuck in major and its modes for a long time. finally memorized this on the entire neck. now I'm excited again.

  4. SuperAjej

    you explain stuff so slow it takes forever , maybe you shouldn't teach js

  5. mr7clay

    Good intro to this mode is The Zombies cover of "Summertime" (A jazz minor). The similarities with the C whole tone scale give it a spooky quality.

  6. Addi Reid

    while showing the first part of the pattern you said grab an "A" from the 2nd string but u actually played the 3rd string 2nd fret, an honest mistake but great video though

  7. Muten Hoschie

    in the first pattern he shows he goes from 3rd to 5th fret on the high e string

    shouldn't it go from 3rd to 4th fret?

  8. TheMartinJJ

    Hey, so I've recently been getting into jazz a little bit, but I was mainly using the major scale in it's different positions. Now this video has slightly confused me. The minor scale you've demonstrated isn't that just a Bb major scale starting on the second note, C ( I think there's only one note that's different) Can someone clarify this for me please, thanks. 

  9. Danny Hood

    It is hard.. some people are more talented than others inherited usually from someone in thier family who played a musical instument.. Guys who are less talented can still adapt, i know because i was slow learner, but i practiced more than others, then started playing hair metal bands, years ago.. now i play all this shit (almost like sleepin) as long as they show the licks (no tabs) and do not talk through the hole lesson.. slows the hole learning process..

  10. Nicholas Bouffard

    Andrew, Thank you so much for your videos. They are so informative, easy to follow, and you cover topics that don't seem to get talked about anywhere else! Thanks for answering my questions before I ask them! ~Alex

  11. Poro Ta

    nooooobody knoows the trouble i've seen
    nooobody knows my sorrow

  12. creativeguitarstudio

    I use the Seymour Duncan (hot rail in the bridge pos. & cool rail in the neck pos.). The center pick-up is the stock Fender USA single-coil. My string gauge is, [.011 – .049]. Hope this helps you some. – Andrew

  13. Daniel Gantley

    What pick ups are you using?
    I've never seen anything like the bridge pick up before, it has such a nice tone

  14. TangeClown

    i really wanna get to know jazz and blues then use that in metal. but its sooooo strange to me x(

  15. Ken Rowan

    @csensesfail92: You are correct about going from the G on the fith fret up to A on the seventh fret stretching with your pinky. This is how I learned scales using the Berklee method. It keeps your hand in position without moving down a fret and out of position. If you check out the Berklee Method on Youtube you will see the instructors using this "pinky stretch". I don't know why Andrew and other instructors don't show this. Emely Remler does this, also.

    Ken, Toronto

  16. Ken Rowan

    @NahaleGuitar: The Dorian scale has a flat 3rd, natural sixth, and flat seventh. The jazz minor scale has flat 3rd ,a natural or raised sixth, and natural or raised seventh. Think of the jazz minor scale as a major scale with a flat 3rd only. Hoping this helps.

    Ken, Toronto

  17. necro1143

    as well tell me what a triad is and diatonic scales i love the sound of both of the scales they are weird but i dont know how to use them so please if you can help i would be grateful thanks

  18. necro1143

    man i love jazz im just starting to get into it i know some chords like the C 9 and C7 for examples but im more into sus 2nds and 4ths so i hope jazz can also help with my soloing because all i know is modes and for some reason i feel like i sound like everyone else i want mine to sound very preppy and nice i play metal as well i love to create other pieces of work off to the side so if anyone can tell me what scales i should look into i would be so happy

  19. chris garcia

    @love buzz…not really sure on wat ur asking, but, i think ur saying..when do u know wat scale to use…..u should orbably start by playing a scale tha belongs to that type of music…for example if ur playing blues , use a blues scale, if ur playing jazz, use a jazz scale..etc etc

  20. csensesfail92

    instead of going down from G on the 4th string couldn't you add a 3rd note to the 4th string for the A on the 7th fret?

  21. ABshookme

    I guess the reason why it has been hard for me to sound like John Scofield is because I've been so ignorant and not knowing this đŸ˜€

  22. Roboami

    Hi Andrew, I'm more into electronic music (no guitar player here) but you're still the best out there when it comes to explain theory. Thanks so much for that!!! Amazing playing, too… Salut, de MontrĂ©al!

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